Why leave a gift in your Will to Dilworth?

There are many reasons for leaving a gift in your Will to Dilworth.

If you are a Dilworth Old Boy, leaving a gift in your Will is a way to give back to Dilworth and help the students of tomorrow receive the incredible gift of an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. Just as you did.

If you are the family member of a young man who benefited from a Dilworth education, leaving a gift in your Will is a way to thank and honour Dilworth’s contribution to the future of your whānau.

If you believe in the transformational impact of an excellent education for those who may not have one otherwise, leaving a gift in your Will ensures your beliefs and values continue well beyond your own life.

Whatever your reason, there’s one thing we do know: you believe strongly in the power of an excellent education. And like us, you believe the future of our country depends on good men who positively contribute to society.

Furthermore, preparing your Will in advance brings peace of mind, knowing your affairs are in order and that the people you care about and the causes you believe in are provided for.

We’re inviting you - old boys, alumni, past and present supporters, Dilworth families and staff, or simply those who believe in the power of an excellent education - to build on our founders’ generous and far-reaching vision and leave a gift in your Will to Dilworth.

Remember, you don’t need to be wealthy to be generous! Gifting just 1% will leave 99% for your nearest and dearest to inherit. Any gift, large or small, will have a lasting impact, and you can rest assured we will be a careful steward of your generosity.

Enduring generosity

  • Anna Wynn Southern, a Dilworth mother. Anna passed away in January 2019 and chose to leave a gift in her Will, knowing how a Dilworth education transformed her son’s life, Jason.
  • Rosemary Clark, mother of Dilworth Old Boy, Conrad Libischer (Dux, Prefect, 1st XV), left a gift in her Will so that other boys could have the same opportunity as her son. 
  • Arthur Sydney Norman chose Dilworth as the recipient of his generosity when he left a significant gift in his Will in 2015, which was used to support the construction of the Junior Campus Sports Centre, a transformational facility opened in March 2019 by the Governor-General of New Zealand. 
  • Having no family of her own, Earline Wright established the Ella Burford Charitable Trust to provide tertiary scholarships and trade apprenticeship grant awards for Dilworth Old Boys. The Ella Burford Awards are made annually at the Dilworth Prizegiving Assembly.