Living Legacies

For many, the word “legacy” conjures up ideas of death, inheritance, and material possessions. We believe legacy can be all about life and living and caring about our world during our lifetime. When you're alive, you have a unique opportunity to draw meaning by helping others in some way that is meaningful to you.

Leaving a Living Legacy gift is simple. It is not unlike making a normal one-off or regular donation; however, there are some important differences.

  • It can be of any value however it is often of significant value and transformative in nature.
  • When you make a Living Legacy, your gift goes into the DTB Living Legacy Endowment Fund, where its value lasts forever (unlike general donations, which are used annually from the general Investment Fund).
  • It is possible to make a pledge of a donation that you would normally have left in your Will, but instead, pay it out (could be over a period of time) whilst still alive. There may be certain intentions you would like achieved with this gift that can be fulfilled in your lifetime.

Some of the benefits of making a Living Legacy gift are:

  • The donation is considered an endowed gift, which is preserved forever.
  • Your generosity will have everlasting benefits and leave a long-lasting legacy.
  • NZ resident taxpayers receive a 33.3% tax credit on any gift over $5 per annum (up to a limit of total net taxable income for all gifts combined in a given tax year).
  • You can experience the joy and the impact your gift is making during your lifetime.