Home of Sport

Home of Sport

Sport plays an important role in everyday life at Dilworth, giving students the chance to pursue excellence - and potential careers - in their chosen sport.

Sport at Dilworth is compulsory and the students will participate in trainings and fixtures in their chosen sport throughout all four terms. 

At the Senior Campus, the high-performance sport programme provides exciting opportunities for athletes to advance their skills and lays strong foundations for Dilworth’s future sporting leaders.

Designed for the school’s most promising Year 9 and 10 athletes, the focus of the two-term programme is currently rugby, basketball and football - but there’s scope to develop athletes excelling in other high-performance sports such as Olympic weightlifting, tennis, rugby league and touch. 

Research shows that those who participate in sports do better in the classroom. Sport gives young men purpose, and if done well, instills characteristics and behaviours that help on their journey, well beyond the sports fields.”

Gareth Pickering, Director of Rugby

If you would like to hear more about Sport at Dilworth please contact:

Darryn Hoare
Director of Sport

09 523 1060 Ext 9881