Safeguarding Policies

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Dilworth School provides educational and residential boarding services to approximately 550 tamariki/children and rangatahi/youth aged between 10-18 years during any given year.

Dilworth School is committed to providing a safe, caring and nurturing boarding environment and school climate to ensure the wellbeing and prevent the harm of tamariki, rangatahi, their whānau/family and staff. This is our single greatest priority and responsibility.

The key principles that form the foundation of our practices and policies are collaboration, safety, choice, empowerment, cultural competency and trustworthiness.

We provide opportunities for students to participate in decisions that affect their lives and actively involve tamariki, rangatahi and their whānau in building an open, aware and safe community.

Dilworth is open, aware and alert to potential risks to tamariki/rangatahi and takes immediate action when issues are identified. There is zero tolerance for abuse of any kind. We expect all stakeholders to report any allegations, disclosures or concerns for the safety and wellbeing of tamariki/rangatahi. All staff across all levels and irrelevant of working hours (e.g. volunteers, casual, part or full-time and contractors) are required to adhere to and abide by the Student Safety Code of Conduct.

We seek, value and respect diverse representation, views and experiences in tamariki/rangatahi and encourage individuality and choice.

Tamariki/Rangatahi are empowered and encouraged to speak up and speak out against abuse, knowing that the adults are listening, will act and that the tamariki/rangatahi will not be penalized in any way for doing so.

All services provided by Dilworth for the safety and wellbeing of tamariki/rangatahi adhere to the principles of partnership, protection and participation; and the rights and responsibilities accorded by Te Tiriti o Waitangi. A safe school environment ensures that tamariki/rangatahi and staff are culturally safe.

We are committed to regular and ongoing education and training on child safety and wellbeing for the Trust Board, staff and volunteers.  Below is the link to our Student Protection Policy and Complaints Policy.

We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating a number of our policies.  Safeguarding policies will be available on request.

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