Our Supporters

Whether through donations, sponsorships or mentorships, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to provide our young men with life-changing opportunities. 

Dilworth Supporters

Thank you to all our supporters - giving of their time, their talent and their treasure. Some are known to us, some remain anonymous, but all are involved in enabling us to deliver the incredible Dilworth mission that truly makes a difference in the lives of so many.

Your support is vital in maintaining and growing our ability to give the gift of an exceptional education – the gift of opportunity – and we thank you for it wholeheartedly.

Staples Education Foundation

The Staples Education Foundation (SEF) began offering support and guidance to worthy Dilworth students through their wrap-around programme in 2015. A number of scholarships are awarded per annum to high-achieving school leavers studying at a university in Auckland.

A SEF Scholarship offers holistic support to the students by matching them with mentors and buddies, ongoing training for all parties through the Support and Development Programme, as well as two weeks of work experience per year in the profession or industry they would like to work in.

Mentors and students are also offered support through psychologists that are a part of the programme.

Thank you to Haydn Staples and the entire team at Staples Education Foundation for their incredible and ongoing support of Dilworth.

Hugo Charitable Trust

Since 2017, the Hugo Charitable Trust (HCT) has regularly granted funds to Dilworth to support worthy Dilworth students take a gap year after graduation, to work as a tutor at the Royal School of Dungannan (RSD), the place where James Dilworth went to school. Since RSD is not a private school, Dilworth took it upon ourselves to fund much of the cost of these life-changing work/life experiences for our boys.

It is only with the tremendous support of the Hugo Charitable Trust that we can continue to offer these ‘Bruce Stewart KC Tutorships’, named in recognition and in honour of one of HCT's trustees and an exceptional ‘Old Boy’ of Dilworth.

We thoroughly thank and appreciate the support we receive from the Hugo Charitable Trust and are delighted that these Tutorships continue to fulfil the philanthropic ambitions set by both Hugh and Maryanne Green and our Dilworth’s founders.

French Woods Sports & Arts Centre (USA)

Camp America is familiar to most. What is less known is that one of our supportive Old Boys, Nigel Watson, from the class of 1984, has been supporting Dilworth for over 30 years by extending a full scholarship for the costs of a 4 week “summer camp” experience in America for 3-4 Dilworth boys in Year Ten. His generosity has reached a value that is now in the millions.

Giving back has always been part of the pledge our Old Boys make when they leave the School, and that is what has inspired many Old Boys to support Dilworth after leaving Dilworth’s green gates.

We thank Nigel and French Woods Sports & Arts Centre for their incredible support of our Dilworth students and for role-modelling what giving back can look like. Nigel's generosity and personal engagement are outstanding.


Dilworth Old Boys’ Association (DOBA)

The Dilworth Old Boys’ Association has a long-standing commitment to Dilworth and has been supporting Dilworth School for many years through the giving of time, talent and treasure. Projects such as the Centanary Cross and the Chapel Organ are some of the projects fundraised by DOBA and Old Boys. The volunteer hours put in to support fellow old boys and hold events is also highly worthy of mention.

We thank the Dilworth Old Boys’ Association and our old boys for their ongoing and unwavering support.


From school yards to stadiums, Aon has long been associated with helping young New Zealanders achieve their sporting potential, every step of the way.

Supporting sporting and cultural organisations on a local, regional and national level is engrained into Aon’s company culture and their partnership with Dilworth helps to fulfil an ongoing and successful legacy of Aon assisting New Zealanders as they strive for success.

Aon New Zealand is proud to support Dilworth School’s sports programme and we are very grateful for their commitment to Dilworth and our students.