Our Scholarships

Dilworth gives families and caregivers the opportunity to give their young man the education they know he deserves.

Receiving a Dilworth Scholarship can be life-changing. Our school is committed to learning and personal excellence, has a strong academic record and pass rate in NCEA, small class sizes and specialist teachers. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities including a high-performance sports academy and music lessons.   

Scholarship Options

From 2025 Dilworth will also be offering a Day Student option at the Dilworth Junior Campus for Years 7&8 (Intermediate). All Junior scholarships will be awarded for two years and will be reviewed at the end of Year 8. Consideration will then be given to which students will be offered a place at the Dilworth Senior Campus for Year 9 and beyond.

It is anticipated that Day school students (years 7 & 8) will have the opportunity to transition into boarding at any point during their Junior Campus journey. The Junior Campus will be a composite Day and Boarding School.

Please note that the Dilworth Senior Campus is a boarding school (compulsory weekly boarding) and the decision to renew scholarships will be at the discretion of the Dilworth Trust Board.

Dilworth Scholarship Options

  • Full Boarding Year 7&8
  • Day Student Year 7&8
  • Full Boarding Year 9-13

There are a limited number of places for entry at other year levels, with the primary entry point after Year 7 being Year 9.

*Please note the scholarship does not cover travel to and from home or any activities outside the school programme