Christian Foundation

James Dilworth knew the strength and importance of Christian faith and values. 

At Dilworth School, every young man is given the opportunity to grow spiritually in the grace of God through chapel services, Christian education classes, service learning, and co-curricular activities. 

The Chaplaincy team  provides an important source of pastoral care for students, as well as spiritual and emotional support as they grow and learn.

Chapel services are central to the spiritual life of the school. In such a fast-paced world, the chapel provides stability and a sacred place for reflection. Two days a week, each campus assembles for a service of morning prayer. Every Sunday, students attend evening prayer held on each of the three campuses after weekend leave. Parents, guardians, families, and friends are warmly welcomed at our Sunday services. 

Special services such as baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals are also held in the chapel, serving the wider Dilworth School community.

Christian Education

All students attend Christian Education lessons, with study areas varying between the campuses.

In Christian Education classes, young men develop an understanding of the teachings, beliefs, and values of the Christian faith. The opportunity to discuss and reflect on these is valuable in shaping students’ faith and character.

At the Junior Campus, Christian Education explores the big stories of the bible. Students learn about the characters, places, and events that shaped the Christian faith and revealed God’s love for us all. Equipped with this knowledge, our young men are encouraged to consider what the Bible teaches us about how to live a Christian life.

Christian Education at Senior Campus deepens biblical literacy through understanding central Christian beliefs and encourages students to make ethical decisions based on a Christian moral framework. Our young men compare the Christian worldview with alternatives prevalent in the world today and study the impact of Christians living out their faith in action.