Message from the Headmaster

Our fully funded scholarships provide promising young men the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Dilworth is unique in the NewZealand educational landscape and we invite you to learn more about our school.

Fully funded scholarships give exceptional young men, with great attitudes to life and study, the advantage of a superior all-round private education.

Top-quality teaching, small class sizes, supported by a strong approach to student care, ensure Dilworth students are equipped both academically and emotionally to reach their capabilities and to pursue personal excellence.

Supporting the development of the entire individual is an integral part of the Dilworth experience.

Our young men are offered a wealth of opportunities including sports, music, drama, cultural groups and outdoor education, as well as the chance to take part in community service.

Dilworth’s modern approach to boarding provides a wonderful platform for learning about teamwork and building positive relationships. Students board through the week, going home at the weekends.

In 2025 we are also pleased to offer a Day School Option at our Junior School.

Dilworth is a Christian school with strong values that are central to life at our school.

We hope you enjoy reading about our unique school.

Dan Reddiex
Dilworth School