Student Wellbeing

As a boarding school, Dilworth is a home away from home for students. Students need to know they can rely on people who care about them and are fully qualified to help them through any situation. 

The Pastoral Care Team is led by the Director of Student Services and is supported by Registered Nurses, Teachers, Deans, House Leaders, House Managers House Assistants and  House Co-ordinators, providing layers of wrap-around support from the classroom through to the boarding environment. Find out more about Pastoral Care, here.  

Dilworth has a registered psychologist and a counsellor on staff for any situation where students need extra emotional support beyond that offered in the classroom or the boarding houses.

Access to this service is straightforward and fast. Students can refer themselves via email or in person or they can self-report through STYMIE, the school’s anonymous online reporting tool. Students can also refer other students they may be concerned about. All referrals are followed up and are treated with sensitivity and care.

Our team deal with a broad range of challenges from anxious thoughts, low mood, balance between life and schoolwork or low motivation.

Dilworth also has a residential facility called Isabella Dilworth Lodge, which provides temporary accommodation for students who need a break from boarding.