Zane Te Kanawa’s journey to an American University scholarship

Ambitious, driven and resilient are three of the adjectives that could be used to describe Dilworth old boy Zane Te Kanawa, who graduated in 2016. Having set himself the goal of attending an American University while he was at Dilworth School, he has now completed his second year at Xavier University in Ohio, USA and hopes to work in American Professional Sport.

Zane is an advocate for setting goals and attributes this to his successes. “If I were to offer some advice to Dilworth students with big dreams and ambitions, I would say that setting goals are key. These need to be specific and not vague, realistically achievable and measurable by time. Goal setting is important because it gives you purpose. I have found that when I am lost or confused, I am mostly unproductive but when I have a clear mind and have an achievable goal, I am able to work hard and achieve success” said Zane.

When he was at school, Zane invested significant time and energy into ensuring that he was seen as an ideal candidate for colleges in the United States and for international scholarships. He made the Dilworth 1st XV rugby team and produced a highlight film of his rugby games. He also undertook an extensive study programme and sat the SAT exam alongside NCEA Level 3 and achieved a score of 1170/1600 placing him in the 85th percentile of all participants.

Despite all his efforts which involved reaching out to hundreds of colleges, only a handful responded and an even smaller number offered scholarships. His luck turned when the coach of Xavier University Men’s Rugby Team reached out and told him about the scholarship opportunities available. The coach extended an invitation for Zane to visit the campus in Cincinnati, Ohio. As soon as he visited, Zane knew that Xavier University was the place for him.
Xavier University Rugby Team Zane is fifth from left on back row (tenth from tight on back row) (beard and black hair)

Xavier University Rugby Team - Zane is fifth from left in the back row (beard and black hair)

At Xavier University, Zane has combined his interest in sports and marketing/advertising and made this the focus of his undergraduate degree. He hopes to work in American Professional Sport and ideally get the opportunity to undertake internships with local franchises to get some experience under his belt. He says, “I have huge ambitions for the future, but first I want to graduate.”

Since starting his tertiary journey, Zane has fully immersed himself in campus life and hopes to live up to James Dilworth’s vision for Dilworth men to be ‘good and useful members of society’. “I have tried to insert myself into every part of the community including joining the club rugby team (and leading them to 10th place in the country), volunteering for student-led events, building leadership skills through the ‘Emerging Leaders’ programme, promoting diversity and inclusion as a leader/member of many international student-led clubs and through helping those less fortunate as part of Xavier’s Community Action Day,” said Zane. He has managed to do all of this, whilst also maintaining a notable 3.5/4 GPA.

There are many things that Zane learnt from his time at Dilworth that continue to benefit him today. “I always knew that Dilworth would prepare me for whatever I wanted to achieve after leaving” said Zane. He particularly notes his ability to live with and relate to others from different backgrounds which was a skill that many of his peers were yet to develop. However, most of all he feels like his experience at Dilworth has taught him to make the most of every opportunity. “As Dilworth provides you with countless opportunities, you learn to make the most of them. I have experienced so much and made amazing memories by taking the opportunities that were put in front of me. I have made friends for life and set myself up for a successful future.”

June 3, 2020