Year 12 student competes at Auckland Highland Games

For Year 12 Dilworth Senior Campus student Dataney Pownall, 2019 was a transformative year. It started with his mother signing him up at their local gym, Miada West, which marked the beginning of his fitness journey.

Since then, Dataney has gone on to compete at the Auckland Highland Games. Miada owner, Ruth Jackson, has been impressed with how far he has come. “In terms of his physical strength, it has literally doubled in the past six months. This is due to his consistency and determination to maintain good technique. He used to struggle with a 70kg atlas stone and now he is easily doing multiple repetitions with the 110kg stone.”

What has most impressed Ruth and Head Coach B.J about Dataney, is his overall growth. “In the beginning, he would be quick to give up on a lift if it wasn’t successful on the first or second attempt. Now, he is incredibly resilient and will persevere with a lift until he succeeds or is told to leave it.”

Dataney’s hard work and perseverance was rewarded when he was awarded a prize for outstanding grit and determination at his first Strongman competition in July. He then went onto compete at the 2019 Auckland Highland games in November. Ruth said his excellent sportsmanship, performance and attitude was noted by many at the competition.

Photo by Masillan Veejian

One key change that Ruth has noticed in Dataney since beginning his training at the start of 2019, has been his confidence. She said “when he first began training, he was very reserved. He is now a part of our community, often training with other members or helping out people that are new to the sport”. She particularly commends his voluntary work for their gym. “Last year, Dataney kindly volunteered at one of our events. He gave up his Saturday to help spot and load”.

What does the future hold for this young Strongman? Ruth hopes that Dataney has a long, injury-free career in Strongman. “He has an enormous amount of potential and his enthusiasm and determination will get him far in the sport. If he remains sensible, he will be given many opportunities including international travel”.

February 20, 2020