Turning passion into an adventurous career

For as long as he can remember, Dilworth Old Boy Daniel Richmond (class of 2009) has had an interest in the sea and found it to be incredibly calming. Since leaving Dilworth, Daniel has studied at the Maritime School in Auckland and began an adventurous career based around his passion. He currently works as the Ports and Vessels Supervisor in the ports and forestry industry. His career has taken him on a range of exciting sea-faring adventures aboard cruise ships travelling through the Mediterranean and the Baltic Region including Norway and South America. He summarises his experiences by saying “to see the world was great but to get paid to do it was a highlight.”

Although his career is incredibly rewarding, Daniel is often faced with challenges he needs to navigate. Supervising so many moving parts requires him to solve a number of day-to-day problems. One particular instance that stands out for him is when he was on the bridge of a ship that broke down and drifted 400m, almost becoming a great disaster in the Norwegian Fjords. It was Daniel’s responsibility to navigate to the Emergency Steering Room where he turned the vessel away from land and avoided any collision.

Daniel understands just how important the ports and forestry industry is to New Zealand and loves that he has a part to play in this. “Forestry has a massive impact on NZ and being able to work on projects to help employ many New Zealanders as well as being trusted and held accountable for daily operations and decisions is truly rewarding” said Daniel.

In the future, Daniel hopes to be his own boss and travel the world with his wife and two children. “I would love to give them some of the experiences I have been blessed with and ensure that they are able to see the world – good and bad and all that it has to offer” said Daniel.

Dilworth alumnus Daniel Richmond with his colleagues. Daniel is in the middle row with the yellow vest and glasses. 

Over the years, the vision of James Dilworth for every young man leaving Dilworth School to become a good and useful member of society is something that has stuck with Daniel. “Contributing to society, doing it with good intentions and raising two beautiful young kids to have compassion and gratitude while remaining humble” is how Daniel summarises what he believes to have been his way of embodying the vision of James Dilworth. He continues to use what he has learnt from this time at the school in his everyday life. “Dilworth instilled in me the work ethic required to get ahead as well as a decent moral compass, and the brotherly bonds gained there teach you that you do not have to be the ruthless bad guy to get ahead” he said.

Daniel is an advocate for fulfilling your passions and doing what makes you happy. “There are many ways to get out there and be successful Travelling down the beaten track may be easier but not always the most fulfilling track to go down so do what you love, enjoy it and make the most of every moment. They are irreplaceable”.

June 17, 2020