Spotlight on Staff: Tonia Calverley & Gareth Hore

The start of the school year often means new faces (both staff and students) on campus. Dilworth welcomed five new staff members to the Senior Campus at the beginning of the year. Two of these new staff members have made the move to Auckland from the South Island, making this their first Auckland summer. Tonia Calverley has taken on a newly developed role, Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning and Gareth Hore has replaced Mark Cleaver as Head of Faculty – Social Sciences after Mark’s retirement. We asked both Mr Hore and Mrs Calverley a few questions about themselves and why they chose to make the move across the country to take on a new role at Dilworth.

Mrs. Calverley

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born and raised in Dunedin. Family is very important to me and I am enjoying seeing more of my son who lives in Auckland. I love to garden and miss my garden in Dunedin which I had built from scratch and contains many plants that have a story behind them. I am also a long-term book club member and enjoy mostly non-fiction biographies.

What motivated you initially to work in education?

I believe strongly in public service. Education is a very powerful service industry as it changes lives. Education opens pathways to opportunity. I have previously worked in the area of public policy but working in education means I can be at the grass roots level of creating opportunities for others.

What attracted you to the Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning role at Dilworth?

I have a passion for teaching and learning. Teacher professional learning and growing capacity in students are both a part of this role. Additionally, the opportunity to work cross campus means that I can be a part of a student’s entire learning journey. The opportunity in this role is unlike that to be found in other schools.

What is your educational philosophy?

Relationships lie at the heart of effective teaching and learning. Establishing and building positive, growth-focussed relationships is the key to success in education. I enjoy people; supporting them, learning from them and working together to help them achieve their aspirational goals.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?

In the short term, my focus is on becoming familiar with Dilworth and gaining an understanding of the staff, students and culture. Over time my goal is to develop integrated professional learning for staff and seamless learning journeys for students. A growth and development focus that enables personal and professional excellence is the underlying philosophy.

What makes an exceptional school?

High performing schools have a clear vision and a culture that support the realisation of that vision.

What are your thoughts on the current educational landscape?

Education and education policy are constantly changing landscapes. What does not change, is that in schools, our focus is on people – specifically the students that we have in front of us and the rich resource that is our staff. We need to equip them with the knowledge and skills, to navigate this changing landscape.


Mr. Hore

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was raised in Balclutha, South Otago and have recently been living in Dunedin where I was Director of International Students at King’s High School. I have a four-year-old son named Fletcher and a wife Lisa who have both joined me in Auckland.

What initially motivated you to work in education?
I had an amazing Geography teacher (Lennox Sharp) when I was in school who ignited my passion for education and motivated me to enter the profession.

What attracted you to the Head of Social Sciences role at Dilworth?

I had previously worked under Dan Reddiex at King’s High School and really enjoyed his leadership style. I also think Dilworth is an incredibly unique school.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?

I’d like to ensure that the four subjects that are a part of my faculty are high functioning and that students are interested and passionate about taking them. I also hope to be a part of football at the school. I used to have a lot of involvement in football at King’s High School and would love to be a part of the sport at Dilworth.

What do you love most about Social Sciences?
Getting to teach students outside of the classroom setting through field trips.

February 28, 2020