Resilience to Flourish: fostering curiosity, confidence and resilience

Over a weekend in March, 16 boys in Year 12 and 13 were given the opportunity to spend three nights at Muriwai Beach for the Resilience to Flourish programme.

The course combines tools, content and components built against best practice principles to foster curiosity, confidence and resilience. All aspects of the programme were developed, monitored and delivered by Alia Bojilova – a registered psychologist and resilience expert, with the support of training development experts (former SAS soldiers) and Dilworth support staff. The aim of the course was to help the students gradually build greater self-awareness and awareness of others, develop clarity and commitment towards their own personal goals and give them the confidence, context and skills needed to pursue their goals.


Throughout the weekend the students engaged in a number of outdoor activities and small group discussions. The physical activities and experiential components were designed to help strengthen bonds, build mutual reliance, strengthen self-discovery, empathy and leadership. The outdoor challenges were very taxing for every participant. Dilworth’s Assistant Principal – Student Services, Claudine Nathan said “the boys were pushed to their limits but their performance as a group was outstanding.”

The small group discussions helped support diversity of thought and insights, ensuring optimal exposure to different perspectives, development of deeper comradery as well as trust and confidence amongst students.

Over this life-changing weekend, the boys took away some key messages including one from Dilworth Trustee, Simon Curran “my greatest limiting factor was the story in my head”. Each boy was also given a journal to take away that was designed specifically for the programme in which they recorded their thoughts, quotes and challenges throughout the weekend.

Year 13 student, Edward Whyte who attended the course said “I learnt a lot about myself over the weekend, especially in regards to my own strengths and weaknesses.”

March 30, 2020