Pernell Callaghan: the Dilworth alumnus disrupting the real estate industry

Having disrupted the real estate industry through starting his own unique business, Dilworth alumnus (Class of 2010) Pernell Callaghan has revolutionised the way that Kiwis buy and sell property. Since falling into the real estate industry after finishing school, Callaghan quickly became one of Australasia’s top salespeople selling over 150 houses in a single year. His ambitious nature left him seeking more. He realised that he was finished with working for someone else and wanted to grow and expand his ability and founded his own agency, Arizto.

“I didn’t want to continue working for someone else. I had my own ideas and opinions on how I wanted to execute work, so it seemed like the logical next step. It also felt like an interesting challenge. I started to feel like things are getting stale if I’m just turning up each day working for someone else” said Callaghan. Since starting Arizto in 2018, the company has been making its mark on the industry by offering an innovative alternative to the traditional commission-based fees through having a flat fee structure. Since its inception, Arizto has become the fastest-growing real estate company in the country. Callaghan attributes its success to its customer-centric approach by providing tailored solutions.


Arizto CEO and Dilworth alumnus (Class of 2010) Pernell Callaghan

Starting and sustaining a business is always incredibly challenging and Pernell faces the same challenges as many other businesses. “Cashflow, I think is a problem for every business owner at some point. I feel capital is really king in business. All other problems kind of pale in comparison” says Callaghan. Despite this, however, he has some big ambitions for both himself and his business. “It will be nice to get the company to be worth $1 billion. I guess it’s a tangible goal or a measurable target of achievement more than having the money. After that, I think I will continue to start more companies where I see room for improvement in products” he said.

Callaghan openly admits that being at Dilworth School has been one of the biggest highlights in his life despite everything he has achieved. “You get to hang out with all your mates every single day, you’re receiving a really good education and life skills and you obviously don’t have to worry about bills or adult life problems – it’s pretty hard to beat”. He believes that the learning and social/communication skills acquired and the ability to try new things and be exposed to many different things at Dilworth is an opportunity that you can’t have anywhere else. His advice to Dilworth students is “just start – get it done. Don’t worry about what other people might think. The older you get, you realise people aren’t really spending their time thinking about what you’re doing anyway. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out, you’ll find the failure pivots you in another direction that you are supposed to be in anyway.”

July 16, 2020