Mike Moore, Dilworth and School Aid: The Spirit of Giving

This week, Dilworth School paid tribute to Old Boy and former Prime Minister Mike Moore, who passed away on Sunday, aged 71.

Dilworth Trust Board Chairman Aaron Snodgrass described Mr. Moore as a generous, kind-hearted man who stayed connected with Dilworth throughout his life.

“Mike was an exceptional Dilworth Old Boy who leaves behind a wonderful legacy of service to New Zealand. He had a passion for education and he loved what Dilworth stands for. Mike often spoke later in his life, about how much he valued what he learnt here,” Mr Snodgrass says.

“We are grateful that he chose Dilworth as a partner for School Aid, a charity he donated his own money to set up. This is a fantastic initiative that has given much-needed supplies to schools in Africa and its philosophy embodies the true spirit of giving that our school was founded on.”

Through School Aid, which was established in in 2009, students manage an investment fund that provides dividends to charity.

The programme is run annually over most of the school year, with mainly senior Accounting and Economics students applying to take part.

Students start out by spending time learning about how to invest in the share market and term deposits. They then develop an investment proposal, which outlines how they will invest the money, as well as when shares will be purchased and sold. The aim is to develop a diversified portfolio that is split between secure, medium and high-risk investments.

A Board of Trustees, including Dilworth teachers, oversees investments but all decisions are made by students.


After any shares are sold or deposits matured, students then determine how income from the dividends and interest should be used to support schools in Africa. To date, the donations have provided stoves for cooking, water wells for drinking water, classrooms, classroom fittings, and computers.

Year 13 student Josh Coleman says: “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity provided to me by Mr. Moore and along with my fellow School Aid board members we will miss the mentorship and guidance provided by him.  I have greatly benefitted from Mr. Moore’s investment as I am currently setting up my own share portfolio with the help of senior board members.”

Today, after more than 10 years in operation, the total assets of School Aid are close to $500,000 and more than $116,000 has been donated.

Principal’s Nominee Amanda Kench says School Aid is a great way for students to engage in real-life learning.

“Each year our students diligently approach this project and we’ve been really impressed with the results.  A2 Milk has been a stand out share for us.  We purchased at 83 cents and the current price per share is $14.65.  The boys learn so much about the share market and investment while their knowledge of business operations, global trends and currency exchange has also grown.”

Students visited Mr. Moore last year to talk about what they had been learning and their achievements, says Dilworth Headmaster Dan Reddiex.

“The visit meant a lot to Mike, as it did to the students. His charity is closely aligned with our values and I know the students are very much looking forward to continuing to grow School Aid in the future to give back to those in need, in memory of Mike.”

Mr, Moore, Old Boy number 1003, attended Dilworth between 1957 and 1960. He was first elected to Parliament in 1972, becoming the 34th Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1990. Following his retirement from politics, he went on serve as Director-General of the World Trade Organisation and as New Zealand Ambassador to the United States.

In 2019, Mr Moore was awarded the title of Distinguished Member of the Order of James Dilworth at the Dilworth Old Boys’ Association Centenary.

February 5, 2020