Meet Dilworth’s new Head of P.E & Health: Keith Taylor


What often inspires teachers to enter the profession, is an exceptional educator from their own experience at school. For Dilworth’s new Head of P.E and Health, Keith Taylor, it’s the complete opposite that motivated him to pursue teaching as a career.

“My school experience was particularly poor, as I was unfortunate enough to experience some really uninspiring Physical Education teachers. Therefore, the ability to positively influence young people and inspire them to be great inside and outside of the classroom so they receive a better school experience than I did, is my daily drive and motivation,” explains Keith.

Born in Derby, UK but growing up in Lincolnshire and then moving to Lancashire at the age of 7, Keith is an Englishman through and through with a love of football, travelling and outdoor adventures. He lived in a small town called Accrington and went to school in Blackburn. Keith then studied Sports and Exercise Science at Leeds Metropolitan University before moving to Manchester where he completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Bolton University.

Following his studies, Keith worked as a Sports Lecturer at Bury College for six years before deciding it was time for him to travel the world. He visited New Zealand and the rest is history.

“I ended up in New Zealand, initially planning to stay for 12 months before moving on – that was over 7 years ago and I now call Auckland my home,” said Keith.

Since living in New Zealand, he has spent a year teaching at Marcellin College and then six years teaching P.E and Health at Saint Kentigern College where he was also Teacher in Charge of Football for two years. It was the ethos of Dilworth that drew him to the Head of P.E and Health role at the school and motivated him to leave his position at Saint Kentigern.

“The opportunity to work at a school with such a unique legacy was very attractive. The nature of helping and assisting young people by giving them access to exceptional opportunities is consistent with my personal values. As soon as I had the opportunity to discuss more about the school with staff during the interview stages, I quickly realised that Dilworth was a place I wanted to work,” he explains.

Now having been at the school for a term, Keith has several goals that he hopes to achieve in his new role.

“Working alongside the fantastic Physical Education, Health and Sports personnel at Dilworth, my hope is that we can drive the department forward to become an integral part of the school. My challenge is to further develop a robust, coherent and exciting Physical Education and Health programme that young men at Dilworth enjoy and that enables them to flourish. I’d also like to continue to strengthen the NCEA programmes and create an environment for learners to achieve academic excellence which is of utmost importance,” said Keith.

Inspiring all learners, challenging them and creating an exceptional learning environment is a key part of Keith’s educational philosophy.

“I believe every young person has the right to a positive education and it’s our job to inspire all those learners within our care. I aim to create positive, engaging and interactive learning environments where students feel empowered. Unashamedly, I maintain high standards and will challenge individuals daily to strive for personal excellence both inside and outside of the classroom,” he explains.

Keith is incredibly passionate about his subject and believes that studying Physical Education and Health provides young people with a solid foundation to lead positive, healthy and balanced lifestyles. He also believes that the combination of both practical and theoretical components in the subject enables teachers to expose learners to different environments that fosters strong and successful relationships.

“It’s essential for individuals to be exposed to Physical Education and Health from an early age as this encourages young men to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Benefits including improving cardiovascular health, developing the fundamentals of movement, reducing the risk of obesity, lowering stress and improving mental health. Further educating the current generation from an early age is vital to promote positive societal change, as collectively the need to reduce obesity and benefit physical and mental wellbeing is critical.”

July 15, 2022