Meet the 2019 Dux: Quinn Gray

Quinn Gray was greeted with a standing ovation from his teachers, peers and the wider Dilworth community as he was revealed to be the 2019 Dilworth Dux at the Senior Prizegiving. Starting his Dilworth journey in 2012 as a Year 6 student, Quinn has always been a well-rounded individual whose sporting and cultural activities complemented his academic achievements. Over the years he has been involved in hockey, debating, basketball, chess and cricket.

Aside from being awarded the prize for the 2019 Dux, Quinn was presented with three scholarship awards at Senior Prizegiving. He was the recipient of the University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship, the Jackson Russell Scholarship for a student intending to study Law and the Staples Education Foundation Scholarship for High Achievement.

Earlier this year, Quinn also received his New Zealand Scholarship results which were outstanding. Not only was he successful in attaining a scholarship in four subjects, Quinn was the top scholar in New Zealand for English.

Head of the Senior Campus at Dilworth, Neil Ritchie said “it is rare in a teaching career to come across a student as naturally gifted as Quinn. His thirst for knowledge and  grasp of the English language saw him reach a level seldom achieved by a school student.”

With a bright future ahead of him, we talked to Quinn about what he’s currently doing and what he hopes to achieve.

What will you be studying this year and where?
I’m studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts conjoint, majoring in English and Philosophy, at the University of Auckland.

Why did you choose this line of study?

I think law is the appropriate field for me because it combines my interest in politics and history with my inclination towards problem solving, debating, and analytical thinking. The BA satisfies my passion for literature and language, and complements the LLB.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

 Being new to university, I’m still unsure about my aspirations. I’m definitely interested in the legal, political, and academic fields, but I can’t pretend to know exactly where I’ll be in the future.

How did Dilworth contribute to your academic successes?
Dilworth has a strong culture of legacy. Walking the hallways, the houses, and even the dining room, one feels conscious of the success of past students and motivated to make one’s own mark. The classroom and boarding atmospheres are highly conducive to academic success, and without the passion and energy of the teachers I would not have been as inspired to succeed as I was, nor would I have had the resources. I’m sure that as Dilworth continues to evolve, so will the academic opportunities provided to its students.


March 23, 2020