Dilworth’s exceptional NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship results for 2019

Excellence is one of the core values at Dilworth and each boy is encouraged to strive for personal excellence in everything he does. The 2019 NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship results demonstrate that senior students at Dilworth continue to strive to attain their personal best academically.  

Dilworth’s NCEA results have consistently been above national averages and on par with some of the best performing schools in the country.  The 2019 results were no different with the pass rate for NCEA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 all being over 90%. The NCEA Level 3 results, in particular, were phenomenal with 97.1% of students gaining NCEA Level 3.

Last week, the New Zealand Scholarship recipients for 2019 were revealed. The awards are highly prestigious as they require high-level critical thinking and are designed to challenge the very best students. Scholarship passes are given to just 3% of those sitting any particular subject, while Outstanding Scholarships are awarded to just 0.3% of students. In 2019, 13 Dilworth students took away 17 scholarship awards including two outstanding scholarship awards. The awards were distributed across a breadth of subjects, from traditional academics to the performing arts. Approximately 19% of the Year 13 students gained at least one scholarship award.

 Dilworth Headmaster Dan Reddiex says: “The NCEA pass rates continue to impress and reflect the commitment and capability of both staff and students.  However, the most pleasing indicators of a renewed energy for academic excellence reside in the UE and Scholarship results.  These two areas are the most objective measures of academic success.  To have in excess of 81% of students in Year 13 gain University Entrance and to eclipse our best Scholarship return (which was previously 11 in 2013) by a significant margin is a testament to the talent of all those involved but also to the potential that is lying in wait to be uncovered and realised.”.

Congratulations to all the Dilworth New Zealand Scholarship recipients:
Quinn Gray – English (Top student in the country), French, History and Classical Studies

Etuate Lutui – Music (Outstanding)

William Betham – Music

Anthony Bray – Statistics

Kellen Dudley-Rode – Drama

Jean-Luc Ellis – Drama

Nganatatafu Finau – Printmaking

Joji Joseph – Classical Studies

William King – Music

Sione Latu – Music

Zach McKenzie – Geography

Marvin Tao – Statistics and Classical Studies

Dhruva Trivedi – Statistics

February 12, 2020