Dilworth’s 2021 Dux: Dhruva Trivedi

When Dilworth alumnus Dhruva Trivedi from the Class of 2021 started his Dilworth journey 7 years ago, he never imagined he would be receiving the award for Dux in his final year of school.

“Finding out I was Dux for 2021 was surreal, honestly. If I mentally went back to the start of my Dilworth journey, I never would have believed it. However, when I look back over the years, the further I progressed during my time at the school, the more likely the possibility became. That’s the thing with growth, you never know what you are capable of until you achieve it,” said Dhruva.

It's precisely this growth, that his mother Asha Malhotra is most proud of when it comes to her son and his achievements.

“When I found out that Dhruva was the Dux for 2021, it was a feeling that I cannot express in words – a moment of pure joy, like I had just climbed Mt Everest. But I am simply grateful for how my son Dhruva is evolving. He has grown to be a thoughtful and caring young man. It was superb to see him building his character,” Asha explains.

Aside from being named the Dux for 2021, Dhurva was also the recipient of the Staples Education Foundation Scholarship and the University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship. He was awarded an NZEST Scholarship for Statistics three years in a row alongside an NZEST Scholarship in English in 2021.

Dilworth’s Headmaster Dan Reddiex describes Dhruva as an exceptional young man whose commitment to his studies in combination with his sharp mind and ability to process and apply complex concepts made him an irrepressible academic force.

Now studying Psychology at the University of Auckland, Dhruva is keen to pursue a career in academia and research.

“I chose psychology because of how interesting it is and secondly because of how underdeveloped it is compared to other disciplines. That is why understanding mental health is something I would love to contribute to. I would like to expand our understanding of psychology and provide foundations for future findings,” said Dhruva.

Reflecting back on his time at Dilworth, Dhruva’s favourite subjects were English, Economics and Statistics. As for his highlight he says, “It’s hard to describe highlights from my time at Dilworth as it’s always a ‘you just had to be there’ moment – especially since the culture you find at Dilworth is like no other. However, each and every highlight is always with the boys.”

What Dhruva can describe though, is exactly how he thinks the school prepared him for further study and set him up for academic success.

"Dilworth prepared me for further study by teaching me discipline and routine – the two most important ingredients for academic success."

June 10, 2022