Dilworth 2020 Performer of the Year and Dux: Henry Wang

Passionate, talented and hard-working are three words that could be used to describe Dilworth’s 2020 Performer of the Year and Dux, Henry Wang.

Despite there being a number of strong contenders for both the 2020 Dux and Performer of the Year award, Henry was a standout candidate with a history of high achievement throughout his time at Dilworth.

Aside from these two significant and prestigious awards, Henry was also presented with three scholarship awards at the Senior Prizegiving at the end of last year. These were the University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship, the Staples Education Foundation Scholarship for High Achievement and the Bill and Lynsie Cotter Achievement Awards to allow students to continue an activity (or study) in which they already demonstrate skill and potential.

Dilworth Headmaster, Dan Reddiex describes Henry as a courageous learner who is willing to take risks to further improve his skillset and his outcomes. “Henry’s work ethic is outstanding and when this is combined with his love for learning, you have the recipe for great academic success.”

Mr David Stent, Head of Performing Arts at Dilworth says that Henry is a dedicated musician and a talented Pianist. “He holds Grade 8 with Distinction on the Piano and Merit on the Flute. Last year, Henry was awarded the Nancy Hoffman Cup for the Most Outstanding Pianist, the Melhuish Band Trophy for Service to the Concert Band, the Alex Conte Cup for Outstanding Musician and the supreme award of the Irish Cup for Performer of the Year. Henry has been a dedicated member of both the Concert Band and the Choir, and his contribution to Music at Dilworth School has been outstanding.”

We spoke to Henry to find out more about his passion and talent and what the next chapter is for him as he moves on to further study. 

Henry performing at the 2020 Arts Showcase

What is one of your first memories relating to music? When did this become your passion?
I began playing the piano when I was six and started playing the flute when I was Year 7 at Dilworth Junior Campus.

I have always been passionate about music and I find that practising is a great way to de-stress.

What do you love most about performing?

I get pretty scared when performing as a soloist but the sense of accomplishment following a performance is worth it.

What has been a highlight for you in your performing arts journey so far?
Performing in ensembles and working with others in the choir and concert band has definitely been a highlight in my performing arts journey, however juggling all the extracurricular activities has never been easy.

What and where will you be studying next year and why have you chosen this?
I will be studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Science Conjoint, as I enjoy both solving problems and ploughing through calculations.

What are some of your future ambitions?
I would definitely like to pioneer a new discovery in the future.

What has been a highlight for you during your time at Dilworth?
The environment at Dilworth has taught me that it is important to be able to understand the different perspectives and backgrounds of other people.

The highlight during my time at Dilworth would be the nutritious and delicious food provided to us on a daily basis, especially on those evenings when we get beef stroganoff.

February 3, 2021