Considering the future of education and work on Founders’ Day 2021

The Dilworth school community gathers together each year to commemorate the enduring gift of our founders, James and Isabella Dilworth. This year, the Founders’ Day Assembly and Chapel Service were delayed due to COVID-19. However, we were still able to celebrate 115 years of education at the school and 127 years since the foundation of the Trust on Friday 26 March.

Dilworth Headmaster, Dan Reddiex started off the assembly by speaking about some of the changes that have been implemented over the last year to enhance the opportunities available for students at Dilworth. He also explained some of the ongoing projects and investments being made over the coming years to equip Dilworth students with the 21st-century skills they will need in order to thrive and flourish in life beyond Dilworth.

Chairman of the Dilworth Trust Board, Aaron Snodgrass discussed the gift of opportunity that each parent/caregiver provides for their son by making the decision to send their boy to Dilworth.

The guest speaker for 2021 was Dilworth Trust Board (DTB) Trustee and education futurist, Frances Valintine who is the second female DTB Trustee;  the first being Isabella Dilworth. She spoke about how different both education and careers/jobs are now compared to when our founders were alive and how the world continues to evolve and change. She challenged the boys to have conversations with their parents and/or caregivers about what the future of work might look like for them. That digital careers in gaming, content creation and coding are not only possibilities but successful career pathways in booming industries. Equally, she reminded the students that their parents and grandparents have not grown up with the same technology as they have, so they need to be patient and understanding.

As part of Founders’ Day each year, a number of Old Boys are acknowledged each year with special awards and scholarships to assist with ongoing study. This included Dilworth Class of 2012 student Morgan Jones who will be undertaking a three-year Doctorate of Philosophy studying epigenetic predictor markers of cancer metastasis in colorectal cancer. Morgan plans to develop a method that can be used to identify epigenetic differences between primary and secondary tumours using circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) present in the blood. Morgan’s study into the epigenetics of cancer will hopefully lead to a way of developing early detection methods and could even provide progress into reversing the effects of cancer through epigenetic modifications.

Keeping with the Dilworth tradition, the assembly was rounded off with the roll call where we acknowledge each individuals’ journey at Dilworth by getting them to stand up in the decade/year in which they first became involved with the school.


Morgan Jones receiving his award at Founders' Day 2021 from DTB Trustee Frances Valintine
April 6, 2021