2020 Best All Round Senior Student: Lennox Jones

Described by the Dilworth Senior Management Team as an all-rounder and an excellent example of a young Dilworth man, Lennox Jones (Class of 2020) is now studying a conjoint degree in Property and Commerce at the University of Auckland with four scholarships under his belt.

Ambitious and hardworking, Lennox performed exceptionally throughout his time at school resulting in excellence endorsements in NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3. He was also a Prefect, part of the school investment group “School Aid” and an outstanding sportsperson playing softball for various teams. In his final year at Dilworth, Lennox was awarded Best All Round Senior Student at the 2020 Dilworth School Prizegiving which isn’t surprising given his breadth of talents and achievements.

Dilworth’s Head of Senior Campus, Neil Richie said, “Lennox is a very personable young man with an ability to relate to a range of age groups. His reliability and sound values made him greatly respected by all with whom he had contact with.”

Lennox was also awarded the First Foundation Scholarship, PwC Scholarship, University of Auckland Faculty of Business and Economics Scholarship and the Staples Education Foundation Scholarship.

Despite all he has achieved so far, Lennox continues to be driven with ambitious goals.

 “My future ambition is to one day own my own multi-million dollar business and have people work for me. I am still unsure as to what industry my business would be in, but I am potentially looking at going into the Property industry.”

What makes Lennox a standout Dilworth Old Boy, however, is the fact that he holds true to his values.

“From this position I want to make sure that my family is financially secure and then be able to start giving back to the community and hopefully even the nation in some way or another,” he said.

Lennox’s humble and down-to-earth nature was commended by staff and students alike, including Dilworth Headmaster Dan Reddiex who said, “Lennox is a young man who exhibited the cornerstone values of our school, characterised by integrity, compassion and respect for himself and others. He was highly regarded by his peers and staff and equally as comfortable in the company of both.”


Lennox (left) at the Staples Education Foundation (SEF) 5 year anniversary event at Dilworth with SEF mentors

Having spent a total of nine years at Dilworth, starting at the school as a Year 5 student at the Junior Campus, Lennox reflects fondly on his time at Dilworth.

“I have learnt many things from my nine years at Dilworth but there are three main things that are worth mentioning. The first being, take all the opportunities available to you and don’t waste them. Secondly, be grateful for all that you have and remain humble no matter what. Finally, pursue a life of Personal Excellence in all that you do and never not give something your best shot,” said Lennox.

Although he has fond memories from his time at Dilworth, Lennox describes his time at the Rural Campus in Mangatawhiri in particular, as his most memorable and life-changing.

“I would have to say that my all-time highlight was my time spent at the Rural Campus in Year 9. That was one of the most enjoyable and self-finding years for me. Having gone to the Rural Campus, I feel as though it prepared me for the challenges of life and it opened up a world of experiences that had I not gone there, I would never have had. It easily would have been one of the best years of my life.”

May 11, 2021