The Dilworth Trust Board is committed to fully, openly and honestly confronting the issue of historical sexual and other abuse that occurred at Dilworth School. To find out more, visit:  

Full boarding scholarships available   |   Introducing Day School option for years 7 & 8

Applications for 2025 close Sunday 30th June 2024



About Dilworth

Dilworth is unique in the New Zealand educational landscape. Fully funded scholarships give exceptional young men, with great attitudes to life and study, the advantage of a private education. Top-quality teaching, small class sizes, supported by a strong approach to student care, ensure Dilworth students are equipped both academically and emotionally to reach their capabilities and pursue personal excellence.

Supporting the development of the entire individual is an integral part of the Dilworth experience. Our students are offered a wealth of opportunities including sports, music, drama, cultural groups, and outdoor education as well as the chance to participate in community service. 

The school’s mission, expressed in the will of founder James Dilworth, over 100 years ago, still holds today. Dilworth is expressly for students whose family circumstances, for many reasons, may prevent them from accessing the opportunities that will help them to fulfil their potential.

Dilworth offers a modern approach to weekly boarding and in 2025 we are also offering a Day School Option at our Junior School.


Dilworth Response

The Dilworth Trust Board acknowledges the historical abuse that occurred at Dilworth School and is committed to fully, openly and honestly confronting the issue. That some students who attended Dilworth School suffered abuse during their time at Dilworth is completely unacceptable.

Dilworth Response oversees the Dilworth Trust Board’s commitment. 

To find out more about Dilworth Response, visit: Dilworth Response.


The People Changing Dilworth - Dan Reddiex, Headmaster

"Our commitment to the next generation of students is for Dilworth to provide the
safest and best education available in New Zealand.”

Dilworth School is one of the largest boarding schools in Australasia. With junior, senior, and outdoor campuses across three locations, a day school option soon to be available at Year 7 & 8, and approximately 500 students, all on fully funded scholarships, it stands alone in the New Zealand educational landscape for both its model and the opportunities it provides.

Education expert and reformer Dan Reddiex became Dilworth’s Headmaster in 2019, just as the truth about historical abuse at the school was emerging.  With the full backing of the Dilworth Trust Board, he and his senior team have made profound changes at the school.  They have reset its culture, putting students’ education, safety, care, and development at the centre of everything they do – in line with the mission of Dilworth’s founders James and Isabella Dilworth.

In September 2022, Dilworth became the first school in New Zealand to gain Child Wise accreditation. “Our safeguarding commitments are now part of our DNA. And the changes in Dilworth’s culture mean we’re shifting to a critical mass of students now asking themselves, ‘Why wouldn’t I be the best version of me? Why wouldn’t I try as hard as I can?’ It’s all about personal excellence.” 

The promise for the next generation is the safest and best education available in New Zealand: “What’s coming next is tremendous. So come, be a man of great values, achieve personal excellence, then go and effect change in your life beyond.”




Year 13 students gained University Entrance in 2023
(47.2% National Average)


Year 13 students gained NCEA Level 3 in 2023
(66.2% National Average)


Year 13 students from the Class of 2022 were either enrolled in tertiary study, doing an apprenticeship or employed on 1 April 2023

Commitment to Child Safety at Dilworth School

Dilworth cares deeply about the safety, welfare, and well-being of those in our school community. Today Dilworth has zero tolerance for abuse of any kind- safeguarding and wellbeing of students are in line with current and world-leading best practices. In September 2022 Dilworth was the first school in New Zealand to gain Child Wise Accreditation.

Child Wise is an Australian-based programme designed to assist organisations in embedding Child Wise Safeguarding Standards.


Dilworth is committed to a mindset of continuous awareness and improvement. Ten Australian National Child Safe Principles guide our school as we uphold an environment where student safety and wellbeing are intrinsic to our culture and remain at the centre of our thinking, values and actions.




A Dilworth scholarship can assist families and caregivers to give their young man the education they know he deserves.
A scholarship to Dilworth is worth more than $50,000 per year and covers tuition, books, uniforms, sports fees and music tuition, school trips and camps, outdoor education, dedicated careers advisors and boarding (day school option available for Junior Campus). 


Dilworth offers a multitude of opportunities, a strong pastoral care system and quality teaching.


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