boys standing at the front gate of Dilworth School boys standing at the front gate of Dilworth School

Senior Campus

Message from the Head of Senior Campus

At the Senior Campus in Epsom, our Year 9 to Year 13 students are encouraged to challenge themselves in all they do and become the best they can possibly be. 

The Senior Campus experience takes place at an important time in each student’s emotional development as they transition to manhood, providing every opportunity for them to develop into fine young men.

While maintaining high expectations and standards, it is appropriate to recognise this transition with greater freedom and independence being offered. 

Students are expected to take on more responsibility for their learning and are held accountable. Our academic results are strong.

Robust academic programmes, with small class sizes are complemented by an emphasis on student care, stability and guidance. 

Students are also able to pursue many opportunities in sport, art, culture, music and more. The campus is a supportive environment where tradition is valued and a strong sense of community is instilled. 

Life at the Senior Campus is about preparing students for life beyond Dilworth. The academic success enjoyed is an important factor in creating self-belief, which opens up a world of possibilities. Each student has a clear pathway to follow when their secondary schooling comes to an end aided by strong career development.

The vision of our founders was that every student would go on to make a positive contribution as a good and useful member of society. The young men who leave our gates at the end of their Dilworth journey are a testament to the success of this vision.

Tom Murdoch
Head of Senior Campus 


I had heard from a colleague that the school had exceptional qualities, and from the moment we sat down for the interview with the Head of Admissions, I knew it would be OK. It’s the attitude that every single boy that walks through that door will succeed. The school has an absolute focus on the boys’ success. It also has a strong ethos of care. Dilworth knows what it's doing in that space.

Lisa Duder, mother of 2023 Prefect, Mukai Duder-Hura