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Man in his 30s standing with his hand on a weight in a gym.

Property investor in a class of his own - Michael Burge '06

Over the years, many remarkable young men have attended Dilworth School. Men who have gone on to achieve some extraordinary things, each telling their own unique story of triumph and perseverance. Among these men stands Michael Burge, class of 2006. His story is one of determination and success.

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Welcome to The Reunion

Reunion is about celebrating you, Dilworth Old Boys, Alumni and Friends of Dilworth School.

We invite you to read a story of an inspiring fellow Old Boy, Thomas Swinburn and discover where his journey is taking him. In these pages, you can also learn more about Dilworth today, the new developments at the School, and the continuous efforts to provide the best education and experience for current and future students.

Discover what the Dilworth Old Boys’ Association (DOBA) team has been up to, along with its steadfast support for Old Boys, as well as information on the Benevolent and Centennial Foundation Trusts.

The Reunion - Edition One