An Advocate for Change

Date: 06 Sep 2023

If there were more people like Dylan Petherick, there is no question the world would be a better place.

The Dilworth and Staples Education Foundation Scholarship past student is on a mission to make life better for others and thanks to his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical and Materials Engineering, he is well-placed to do just that.

“I want to make a positive difference, whether that’s enriching the lives of others or contributing towards solving a global issue,” says Dylan, who currently helps organisations reduce their industrial air emissions in his role as an air quality environmental engineer for Air Resource Management.

Dylan believes the possibilities to make an impact are limitless.

“However, this can only be achieved if I continue to grow my skill set and take every given opportunity”. 

Luckily, embracing opportunities comes naturally to Dylan. At Dilworth, his passion for science and maths equipped him with the fundamental skills for a career in engineering, and he worked hard to get the results he needed to gain entry into the discipline.

“I thought I had been given a wonderful opportunity and I wanted to ensure I made the most of it.”

The Staples Education Foundation Scholarship opened another door, providing Dylan with $5000 a year to support him through his studies, along with mentorship, a dedicated buddy, unrivalled networking opportunities and ongoing training through the Support and Development Programme.

“The Staples Education Foundation Scholarship was crucial to my university success. The financial aid was very significant as it allowed me to focus more time on studying, ensuring that I got the best results possible. But even more importantly, it was the mentoring, buddy system, and work placements that allowed me to successfully progress in university. The Staples Education Foundation has managed to create an amazing support network filled with individuals that want what’s best for the students and will support them however possible.”

With a dedicated mentor and a buddy, Dylan said he always received just the right guidance at just the right time.

“My mentor, Warren Law, was always there when I needed to talk, and I always gained some useful life advice during our catchups. Similarly, Dylan Bai,  my buddy,  would provide me with helpful advice specifically around campus life or my degree.”

Meanwhile, work placements enabled Dylan to meet industry specialists and develop his skillset.

“I was fortunate to get placements at a variety of firms including Harrison Grierson and Jaychem Industries which allowed me to get a sense of future employment opportunities.”

By making the most of all these experiences, Dylan is now firmly on track to achieving his goal of creating meaningful change in the world around us. And he remains forever grateful, not just to Dilworth for the flying start, but also to the Staples Education Foundation who helped him navigate the transition into university and beyond.

“Receiving the Staples Education Foundation Scholarship has been a life-changing event. Without this scholarship, I’m uncertain I would be in my current position. Thank you all so much for your support along my journey.”