Our Supporters

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to provide our boys with life-changing opportunities. 

Staples Education Foundation

2015 was the Staples Education Foundation’s (SEF) first year offering support and guidance to worthy Dilworth students through their wrap around programme. A number of scholarships are awarded per annum to high achieving school leavers studying at a university in Auckland.

A SEF Scholarship offers holistic support to the Students by matching them with Mentors and Buddies, ongoing training for all parties through the Support and Development Programme, as well as 2 weeks Work Experience per year in the profession or industry they would like to work in.

Mentors and Students are also offered support through Psychologists attached to the programme.

The Bruce Stewart QC Scholarships gifted by the Hugo Charitable Trust

Thanks to the Hugo Charitable Trust (Hugo), three Dilworth leavers were given the opportunity to work as resident tutors for a year at the Royal School of Dungannon (RSD) in 2019. Hugo is supporting three more scholarships in 2020 and has recently announced a further donation for GAP tutor scholarships to RSD in 2021.

Dilworth maintains a special connection with RSD in County Tyrone, Ireland, as it is the alma mater of the school’s founder, James Dilworth.

The scholarships totalling $65,000 have been awarded in the name of one of Hugo’s trustees, Bruce Stewart QC, who is himself a Dilworth old-boy.

Maryanne Green, the eldest daughter of the late Hugh Green, an Irish philanthropist and businessman, founded the Hugo Charitable Trust in 2017 to continue Hugh’s philanthropic legacy. Hugh once said, “I love both Ireland and New Zealand equally, but I wouldn’t care too much for anywhere in between”. He also said that the key to an even better Ireland and New Zealand was education. This makes Dilworth School and the Royal School of Dungannon a perfect fit for the Hugo Charitable Trust


Thank you to our supporters...
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