About the Academic Curriculum

The academic curriculum focuses on empowering every student to achieve his potential.  

We are committed to developing thoughtful, independent and resilient young adults who can successfully meet life challenges and excel in the fast-paced world beyond the classroom.

We offer a wide range of subject choices that are based on the New Zealand Curriculum. The academic programme recognises the importance of literacy and numeracy. As each student moves through the Senior Campus, they are given more scope to choose their own subjects and design courses that suit their skills and aspirations.

All students work towards gaining the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), which is the main national secondary school qualification in New Zealand. The University Entrance qualification is a key goal for most Year 13 students.

Boys are given guidance and support so they are following a balanced pathway in line with their abilities. We ensure they are well prepared for examinations and assessments, as well as providing opportunities for enrichment beyond the curriculum.

For more detail about the curriculum, please see the handbooks for each year group:

Year 10 to Year 13 Curriculum Handbook

More detailed information about subjects can be found in the Popular Careers Subject Requirements 2019 while detail around NCEA and University Entrance can be found on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website.