Tertiary Scholarship Season Opens for our Year 13s

Date: 27 Jun 2024

As June unfolds, students nationwide are gearing up for one of the most critical periods of their academic journey: the tertiary scholarship application season. With a range of scholarships available, from merit to needs-based, students can secure financial aid, mentoring and/or networking opportunities to help facilitate their journey into further study after Dilworth.

Members of the Dilworth Careers team are here to help. In Term 2, they delivered two scholarship application lessons in the Financial Literacy Programme, ensuring all Year 13 students received support and guidance on how to apply for scholarships. However, it is still important to back this up with parents and caregivers as the deadlines come up quickly

Key Deadlines and Requirements

Students are advised to start their applications early, as deadlines vary significantly. Most major scholarships have deadlines in late July or August. "It's crucial to keep track of deadlines and ensure that all required documents, such as academic transcripts, school references, and personal statements, are prepared well in advance," advises Gemma Halford, Head of Learning Area - Careers and Pathways. 

Preparing a Strong Application

To maximise their chances of success, students should focus on creating comprehensive applications. Academic excellence is often a primary factor and requirement, but extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and community service can also play a significant role in making an application stand out. So personalising applications is really important!

Success Story

The impact of scholarships on students' lives can be profound. Mukai Duder-Hura graduated from Dilworth in 2023. He received the Totoweka School Leaver’s Scholarship from Victoria University of Wellington this year. 

He commented that “Receiving the Totoweka School Leavers Scholarship, valued at $10,000 from Te Herenga Waka, has been incredibly helpful. 

“This scholarship has significantly assisted with the costs of my Halls of Residence. Big shoutout to the Careers Team at Dilworth, who supported me in the application process, and to The Victoria University Student Liaison Team”. 

Final Thoughts

As scholarship application season kicks into gear, we encourage Dilworth students to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them. By staying organized, asking for help where needed, and being proactive, they can significantly increase their chances of securing the valuable support they need to pursue their educational goals.