Meet Madeline Thompson, Dilworth’s Director of Curriculum

Date: 29 Feb 2024

Madeline joined the Dilworth Team in January transitioning from her previous role as Deputy Principal at Maclean’s College.

Director of Curriculum standing in the Dilworth Senior Campus Foyer

We caught up with her to find out more about why she believes the Director of Curriculum role is vital to the running of the school and what she is focused on this year.

Madeline’s role is one of those behind-the-scenes roles,  a lynchpin for the seamless functioning of the school. She emphasises that it is essentially about overseeing the "scope and sequencing" of the school’s timetable, ensuring subjects offered have a cohesive flow, are interconnected and aligns with essential skills. Additionally, she also oversees national assessments, NCEA, and the introduction of the Dilworth Diploma for Year 11 students, which is a new initiative for Dilworth in 2024.

  “Ultimately it’s about quality assurance and making the Dilworth educational offering as good as it can be”.

Originally from the UK, Madeline brings a wealth of experience to Dilworth. She started her teaching career in a boys boarding school, teaching Mathematics at Brunton School in Somerset, UK where she was also an Assistant Boarding Manager. After emigrating to NZ (it was only supposed to be a six-month OE!), she took up a role at Macleans College concurrently undertaking a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Education.

After taking time out to have her family, she then went back to Macleans College and went on to become Deputy Principal, a role she has held for the last ten years.

While Madeline's primary focus at Dilworth revolves around supporting academic performance and ensuring the implementation of systems and processes that sit behind each student's growth, she makes the point that it is vitally important to her to view curriculum delivery from a student perspective.

"It's crucial to consider the curriculum from the student's viewpoint, ensuring its coherence and relevance”.

She is incredibly passionate about joining Headmaster Dan Reddiex and the team at Dilworth and says it is so exciting to see the work that has been accomplished in resetting the School and is keen to add her skills to the mix to take it further.

Madeline says her first focus will be on the Dilworth Diploma and on improving communication between the academic side of the school with students and whānau.