Meet Dilworth’s Parents and Caregivers

Date: 18 Mar 2024

Aman Gill is the mother of Dilworth Year 8 student, Aagman. She tells us about her son’s experience in his first year at Dilworth.

How did you hear about Dilworth?

I went through a thorough process to find an intermediate and high school for our son. I began my search looking for overall learning, academic and extracurricular opportunities. We saw that Dilworth had good values, small class sizes, and extracurricular activities – and determined that it was a good fit.


What has stood out for you about Dilworth?

It takes a lot to nurture a boy of good character. I took a tour of the school and felt that the environment and atmosphere not only met the academic standards we were looking for but also offered a nurturing and supportive environment for his development as an individual.

This is partly because of the school values, which are strong and align well with our family - discipline, respect for your elders, being kind, generous and helpful, and being responsible. You can get the academic side anywhere, but it isn’t just about that – it’s about developing well-rounded, confident individuals with life skills.


What has Aagman’s year one been like?

His experience has been truly positive. At Dilworth, the dedicated educators go above and beyond to ensure success. I have witnessed remarkable growth in his leadership – it’s truly inspiring. Academically, he’s shown consistent improvement and has developed intellectually. He has become a self-assured individual, he’s more resilient in taking on challenges and has improved in the way he collaborates with his peers.


Would you like to make any other comments?

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dilworth to other parents, based on my positive experience. The school is committed to providing a supportive environment for students. It focuses on academic excellence, with a curriculum designed to foster students to think critically and aim for achievement. Each student gets the attention he needs.