ISNZ Honours 2023 Awarded to Claudine Nathan

Date: 14 Sep 2023

Claudine Nathan received an ISNZ Honours Award during the Independent School NZ Conference last week.  The award was presented to Claudine by the Minister for Education, Hon Jan Tinetti, in recognition of her outstanding service to Pastoral Care and Safeguarding.

ISNZ gave the following citation.

“Claudine Nathan has risen to remarkable heights in her pursuit of excellence in pastoral care and student safeguarding at Dilworth School. With an unwavering commitment to the well-being of every student, Claudine's transformative leadership has not only revolutionised the school's approach to student welfare but has also set new standards for child safeguarding practices in New Zealand.

Perhaps one of her most extraordinary achievements is Dilworth School's internationally recognised Childwise Accreditation. Dilworth is the first school in New Zealand to receive this prestigious accreditation, acknowledging the school's embedded safety processes and student-centric culture, all thanks to Claudine's multi-year programme of transformative change.

Claudine's expertise in child safeguarding has extended far beyond Dilworth School, with requests from other organisations and schools to seek her advice and insights on achieving accreditation. Her relentless dedication has left a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of children living away from home.

Claudine Nathan's remarkable contributions to pastoral care and student safeguarding at Dilworth School have illuminated the path for others to follow. Her inspirational leadership, rooted in genuine care and compassion, has created a culture of safety and support that will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, shaping the lives of students for generations to come”.