Dilworth Trust Board farewells Simon Curran

Date: 21 Mar 2023

The Dilworth Trust Board would like to pay tribute to Simon Curran who is stepping back from his role on the Board of Trustees after eight years of dedicated service.

Dilworth Trust Board Chairman Aaron Snodgrass says Mr Curran’s contribution to the School has been invaluable.

“Simon has an incredible gift for bringing people together and has played a huge role in developing the way we view the essence of our Dilworth community. Phrases like ‘the gift of opportunity’, ‘the Dilworth effect’, and ‘one Dilworth’ and all that they mean to us are his legacies.

“While Simon is leaving his role with the Trust Board, he has assured us he will remain an involved member of the Dilworth community and we look forward to his continued support.

“On behalf of the Board, and fellow Old Boys, I would like to thank Simon for his commitment, compassion, and hard work over many years. I would like to wish him good luck for his next adventure.”

Mr Curran, who is a Dilworth Old Boy, has over 20 years of experience working in marketing and innovation, most recently as the Group CEO and Co-Founder of creative business consultancy Bastion Shine. He has worked extensively with entrepreneurs, enterprises, schools, and communities to develop creative solutions.