Leave a legacy you believe in.
Leave a gift in your Will to Dilworth.

Dilworth School is the legacy and vision of one couple who gave the gift of unlimited opportunity to thousands of Kiwi boys.

Their names were James and Isabella Dilworth, and in 1894, they gifted their considerable wealth to establish a school for boys of any race and creed whose families were experiencing “straitened circumstances”, so that they might become “good and useful members of society”.

Over a century later, their incredible legacy continues to positively impact young men's lives - beyond measure! Today, as then, we accept boys from families experiencing personal or financial hardship and offer them a lifetime of possibility through the power of an excellent education.​​​​1.jpg

Every year many more families and young men apply to attend Dilworth, but the capacity of our charitable organisation to support them all is limited. The cost of a Dilworth scholarship has almost doubled in ten years. And that is why we need your support to maintain and also extend this life-changing opportunity to a greater number of students if possible.

With extra funds, imagine how many more young men could be given the gift of opportunity?

Make Your Will Your Power

Leaving a legacy, no matter how big or small, is a way of giving that effectively costs you nothing during your lifetime and yet continues to help others well beyond your lifetime.

Leaving a gift in your Will - after your loved ones have been provided for - is a very special way you can leave a legacy you believe in – an outstanding education – and keep on caring for people into the future. It will ensure that we will always be able to provide the incredible gift of opportunity for Dilworth students.

Like ripples in a pond, extending far and wide, when you leave a gift to Dilworth in your Will, your decision can touch more lives than you could ever imagine.

Why leave a gift in your Will to Dilworth?

There are many reasons for leaving a gift in your Will to Dilworth.

If you are a Dilworth Old Boy, leaving a gift in your Will is a way to give back to Dilworth and help the students of tomorrow receive the incredible gift of an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. Just as you did.

If you are the family member of a young man who benefited from a Dilworth education, leaving a gift in your Will is a way to thank and honour Dilworth’s contribution to the future of your whānau.

If you believe in the transformational impact of an excellent education for those who may not have one otherwise, leaving a gift in your Will ensures your beliefs and values continue well beyond your own life.

Whatever your reason, there’s one thing we do know: you believe strongly in the power of an excellent education. And like us, you believe the future of our country depends on good men who positively contribute to society.

Furthermore, preparing your Will in advance brings peace of mind, knowing your affairs are in order and that the people you care about and the causes you believe in are provided for.

We’re inviting you - old boys, alumni, past and present supporters, Dilworth families and staff, or simply those who believe in the power of an excellent education - to build on our founders’ generous and far-reaching vision and leave a gift in your Will to Dilworth.

Remember, you don’t need to be wealthy to be generous! Gifting just 1% will leave 99% for your nearest and dearest to inherit. Any gift, large or small, will have a lasting impact, and you can rest assured we will be a careful steward of your generosity.

Enduring generosity

  • Anna Wynn Southern, a Dilworth mother. Anna passed away in January 2019 and chose to leave a gift in her Will, knowing how a Dilworth education transformed her son’s life, Jason.
  • Rosemary Clark, mother of Dilworth Old Boy, Conrad Libischer (Dux, Prefect, 1st XV), left a gift in her Will so that other boys could have the same opportunity as her son. 
  • Arthur Sydney Norman chose Dilworth as the recipient of his generosity when he left a significant gift in his Will in 2015, which was used to support the construction of the Junior Campus Sports Centre, a transformational facility opened in March 2019 by the Governor-General of New Zealand. 
  • Having no family of her own, Earline Wright established the Ella Burford Charitable Trust to provide tertiary scholarships and trade apprenticeship grant awards for Dilworth Old Boys. The Ella Burford Awards are made annually at the Dilworth Prizegiving Assembly. 

Introducing The James & Isabella Dilworth Legacy Circle

We invite all our supporters - Old Boys, alumni, donors and friends - who share our commitment to the highest quality education for boys to build on the generous and far-reaching vision of our founders and leave a gift in their Will to Dilworth.

When you include Dilworth in your Will and notify us that you have done so, you will automatically become members in the James & Isabella Dilworth Legacy Circle and you will receive a special pin and certificate and be invited to selected events.

How do I make a gift in my Will?

A Will is personal, however we are always available to discuss your wishes and intentions if you would like.

It is generally quick and simple to instruct your solicitor or legal advisor to leave a gift to the Dilworth Trust Board in your Will using the following wording as a template.

“I give to the Dilworth Trust Board, a charitable trust registered with the New Zealand Charities Services - Ngā Ratonga Kaupapa Atawhai (CC32171),

 ________________________  (state a specific percentage) of my estate

Or ______________________  (state a specific percentage) of the residue of my estate

Or $ _____________________ (state a specific dollar amount)

Or ______________________ (describe precisely an item of property, shares or assets you wish to gift)

free from all duties and charges, as a contribution to the Dilworth Trust Board to be applied to the support, education and care of its students, for which the receipt of the Dilworth Trust Board shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees.”hand signing document.jpg

You may specify a particular purpose or named scholarship, however, we encourage you to allow the Trust Board to apply your gift to the greatest needs for student support, education and care at the time, as outlined in the Will wording template above.

If you have any questions, please see further detailed information below, or contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Zigan on e.zigan@dilworth.org.nz or +64 (0)21 0855 0656 who would be happy to discuss your interest and honour your intentions.

Living Legacies

For many people, the word “legacy” conjures up ideas of death, inheritance, and material possessions. We believe legacy can be all about life and living and caring about our world during our lifetime. When you're alive, you have a unique opportunity to draw meaning by helping others in some way that is meaningful to you.

Leaving a Living Legacy gift is simple. It is not unlike making a normal one-off or regular donation, however, there are some important differences.

  • It can be of any value, however it is often of a significant value and transformative in nature.
  • When you make a Living Legacy, your gift gets put into the DTB Living Legacy Endowment Fund so that its value lasts forever (unlike general donations that are used annually from the general Investment Fund).
  • It is possible to make a pledge of a donation that you would normally have left in your Will, but instead, pay it out (could be over a period of time) whilst still alive. There may be certain intentions you would like achieved with this gift that can be fulfilled in your lifetime.

Some of the benefits of making a Living Legacy gift are:

  • The donation is considered an endowed gift, which is preserved forever
  • Your generosity will have everlasting benefits and leave a long lasting legacy.
  • NZ resident taxpayers receive a 33.3% tax credit on any gift over $5 per annum (up to a limit of total net taxable income for all gifts combined in a given tax year)
  • You can experience the joy and the impact your gift is making during your lifetime

Thank you for your consideration.

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