Referral Process

Students, staff and parents are all able to make a referral for a student to temporarily reside at Isabella Dilworth Lodge if they believe the student is feeling emotionally challenged and could benefit from additional wraparound care and support.

Making a Referral

Staff and Students: Complete the online form found on the Dilworth Splash page.

Parents: Complete this online form.

Assessment Process

The school counsellor or psychologist will make an initial assessment and recommendation regarding the student temporarily residing at Isabella Dilworth Lodge.

Consent Process

Parents/caregivers of the student will be contacted regarding the assessment and written consent will be requested for the student to be moved to Isabella Dilworth Lodge. They will also be given the contact number for the House Parents and relevant policies and procedures relevant to Isabella Dilworth Lodge. A similar consent process is followed for the student.

Communications Process 

Communications are sent out to relevant boarding and pastoral care staff to explain the absence of the student in the boarding house. 

Handover with House Parents 

Senior Campus student – The student may walk to Isabella Dilworth Lodge from 5.30pm. If suitable, two friends of the student may walk with him to drop him off.

Junior Campus student – The student will be collected by the House Parent at 4.30pm.

Prior to students arriving at Isabella Dilworth Lodge, the house parents will have been included in all communication and will be aware of students arriving.