Exit Procedure

We want to ensure that the transition process from Isabella Dilworth Lodge back to the boarding house is as seamless as possible for the student and their family. 

Exit Assessment

When the House Parents feel the student is ready to transition back to the boarding house, they will provide an update to the relevant school counsellor or psychologist. If the assessor agrees the student is safely able to return to boarding, the relevant staff at the school will be notified as well as the parents/caregivers.

Student Feedback Survey

At the conclusion of their stay at Isabella Dilworth Lodge, all students will be invited to participate in an anonymous online survey. This survey will ask them to rate various aspects of their experience at Isabella Dilworth Lodge and will assist us with understanding what we are doing well and identify areas for improvement.

Return to Boarding House

Junior and Senior Campus students will be able to return to their boarding house after school.