Arrival Procedure

From the moment the student arrives at Isabella Dilworth Lodge, he is welcomed and supported by the House Parents into his new residental accommodation. Whether it's the students first time at the lodge or he is returning, the House Parents are there to assist in his transition from the boarding environment into Isabella Dilworth Lodge. 

Upon arrival at Isabella Dilworth Lodge, all students will be welcomed by one of the House Parents. During this conversation, important information will be shared with the student including:

  • Code of Conduct and expectations whilst staying at the Lodge.
  • Complaint procedure if they wish to make a complaint at any time.
  • End of Stay Student Feedback Survey

Students and their whānau/families will be made aware of the school policy manual available at the Lodge. These policies also include or make reference to Isabella Dilworth Lodge and its staff. Other resources and information such as the Child Wise review of Isabella Dilworth Lodge are also available.

Families of students are encouraged to contact the Isabella Dilworth Lodge House Parents at any time and are welcome to make arrangements to visit the Lodge during their child’s stay. Parents MUST call ahead of time to inform the house parents of their intended visit.