Our Criteria

What makes Dilworth different from most private schools is that we don’t select our students for their academic or sporting prowess. Rather, our boys are selected based on family need and suitability, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background.

By need, we mean we look for boys from families of good character who may be going through tough times financially or personally, but they care deeply about giving their boy a great education. By suitability, we mean boys who have a good attitude, have the potential to learn, have what it takes to get on with others and can cope with boarding school life.

These lucky few will receive a free life-changing scholarship, with their entire education funded by the Dilworth Trust, right down to sports and music lessons, school trips, uniforms, healthcare and haircuts. Essentially, they get all the privileges of a private boarding school education, without the fees.

It is definitely worth applying for.

“My Mum and I came from Tonga with nothing. Now I’m studying law and commerce. What happened in between was Dilworth.”
- Paul Ketu’u, Old Boy, Housemaster, Law & Commerce Student