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1. What is involved in applying for a scholarship to Dilworth School?

The admissions process involves a number of stages. This will include an interview with the head of admissions, a school visit and, for final shortlisted candidates, an interview with the Headmaster and Trustees. Applicants will be notified of the result by letter.  More information is here.

2. How old does my young man need to be to start at Dilworth? 

The main intake is at Year 7 (at the Junior Campus) and Year 9 (at the Senior Campus) with limited spaces available at other year levels.  

3.  Is there a household income cap as part of the selection criteria for a Dilworth scholarship?  

There is no definitive household income cap for applying for a Dilworth scholarship. The family’s financial circumstances are just one of a number of considerations when determining if a student is suitable for Dilworth. We also understand that the rising cost of living in New Zealand and particularly in Auckland, can be very challenging for families with children, despite their annual income. 

4. What information do I need to supply with the application?

The online application form includes guidance on how to apply and details about what information is required to support an application.

5. What are the fees?

All students at Dilworth receive a full scholarship that covers fees, boarding, books, and stationery, uniforms, sports fees, music tuition and outdoor education. The scholarships do not cover travel to and from home or activities that are not part of the regular school programme. 

6. How long does the scholarship last?

Student scholarships are formally reviewed if students do not meet the expectations around behaviour and effort. 

Junior scholarships will be awarded for two years and will be reviewed at the end of Year 8. Consideration will then be given to which students will be offered a place at the Dilworth Senior Campus for Year 9 and beyond.

Please note that the Dilworth Senior Campus is a boarding school (compulsory weekly boarding) and the decision to renew scholarships will be at the discretion of the Dilworth Trust Board. 

Students and caregivers must reapply before the student will be granted entry into Year 13.

7. Does my young man have to board?

Year 7 and 8 students are given the option to board or be a day student. Boarding is compulsory at all other year levels. Students return home for weekends and holiday periods, however students whose families reside outside of Auckland may remain at school during term time weekends (this is not available to Year 7 or 8 students). 

8. Is there a waitlist?

Due to the large number of applications received for each year level and the relatively small number of places there is the possibility of students being placed on a waitlist.

9. Do you accept international students?

Applicants and candidates must be New Zealand citizens or have permanent residency status and be resident in New Zealand. An applicant must be the legal guardian of the candidate. 

10. Does my young man have to be Anglican?

No. It is however a requirement that all students are educated and participate in the Anglican traditions of the Christian faith at school. 

11. Where do I go or whom do I contact for further information?

All applications are managed by the Dilworth Trust Board Admissions Team - 09 523 4887 or email