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1. What is involved in applying for a scholarship to Dilworth School?

The application process involves a number of stages. This could include an interview, a school visit and, for final shortlisted candidates, an interview with the Principal and Trustees. Final decisions are made in early November and applicants will be notified of the result by letter. More information is here.

2. How old does my boy need to be to start at Dilworth?

The main intakes are at Year 5 (24 places) and Year 7 (48 places). There may be a very limited intake at Year 9, depending upon available spaces.

3. What information do I need to supply with the application?

You can download forms from the applications page or phone the Dilworth Trust Board office on 09 523 4887. The form includes guidance on how to apply and details about what information is required to support an application.

4. What is the criteria for consideration?       

The Will of the school’s founder, James Dilworth, states that the school should provide an education for “sons of persons of good character” and that the family should be experiencing “straitened circumstances”. Dilworth is not a school for students presenting with significant behavioural challenges. More detail is available here. 

5. What are the fees?

All students at Dilworth receive a full scholarship that covers fees, boarding, books, and stationery, uniforms, sports fees, music tuition and outdoor education. The scholarships do not cover travel to and from home or activities that are not part of the regular school programme.

6. How long does the scholarship last?

For Year 5 and 7 candidates the scholarship continues until the end of Year 8. For existing Year 8 students, there is a review process to confirm a student's place in secondary education.

7. Does my boy have to board?

Yes. Dilworth is a full boarding school and all students board during the week. Students return home for weekends and holiday periods, however students from Year 7 and above whose families reside outside of Auckland may remain at school during term time weekends.

8. Is there a waitlist?

No, we do not have a waitlist. Applications must be made in the year prior to when the student is expected to start.

9. Do you accept international students?

No. Applicants and candidates must be New Zealand citizens or have permanent residency status and be resident in New Zealand. An applicant must be the legal guardian of the candidate.

10. Does my boy have to be Anglican?

No. It is however a requirement that all students are educated and participate in the Anglican traditions of the Christian faith at school.

11. Where do I go or whom do I contact for further information?

All applications are managed by the Dilworth Trust Board applications team, who can be contacted on 09 523 4887.