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One of the most important things we offer our students is certainty. Providing a safe and caring school climate helps students feel supported so they are able to thrive. 

At Dilworth, pastoral care is at the centre of everything we do.  Our focus is Mason Durie’s ‘te whare tapa whā’ model of hauora, physical, social, spiritual and mental and emotional wellbeing.

Pastoral care is led by the Assistant Principal - Student Services and is supported by the Guidance Counsellors, the School Chaplains, Careers Advisor, Registered Nurses, Housemasters and Matrons. At the Senior Campus, there is also a Dean that works with each house to oversee students’ academic development.

All staff are involved in the care and wellbeing of students. At the core are boarding house staff, with their Housemaster a key person in a boy's day-to-day life at Dilworth.  

If a boy is facing challenges of any kind, you will be contacted by the school.  We have access to a network of professional referral agencies if specialised help is needed.

Should a situation arise outside of school that impacts on your son’s wellbeing, such as a bereavement or change in family circumstances, parents and caregivers are encouraged to seek help through their son’s Housemaster or house team. 

It is essential that we are informed about situations that may affect your son’s wellbeing.