Pastoral Care

One of the most important things we offer our boys isn’t a subject. It’s certainty. We know through experience that if a boy feels safe, certain and cared for, if he’s living in a secure and consistent environment, and if that’s backed by an excellent education with strong Christian values, he can achieve just about anything.

Pastoral Care is about providing for the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual well-being of each student, something we believe is the cornerstone of a positive and productive learning environment. When a student's pastoral needs are being met, he feels empowered and supported, and better able to function as an individual - and as a member of the school community.

For each boy, the core of pastoral care is his boarding house staff, with his Housemaster being a key person in his life.  In addition to the Housemasters, at Dilworth all staff have concern and responsibility for each boy's welfare.

Leadership for this important aspect of school life is the responsibility of the Director of Student Services, supported by the Guidance Counsellors and the School Chaplain, together with the Housemasters, Matrons, Deans (at the Senior Campus) and School Nurses.

If problems arise at home, of which the School may not be aware, then parents or guardians are encouraged to seek assistance through a boy's Housemaster and his team of Matron, tutors, etc. Similarly, the School will contact parents, should problems arise in the academic or boarding environments. Parents or guardians may also regard the School Chaplain as a parish priest, available as a sounding board for them if the need arises.

If a boy is experiencing problems and needs extra support, counselling is available from the Guidance Counsellor or the Chaplain. Dilworth also has access to a network of professional referral agencies, if specialised assistance is deemed appropriate.

Each Senior Campus house also includes a Dean (usually a senior staff member), who oversees the academic development and also assists with the pastoral care of each student.


“What Dilworth gave us was dignity. When you come out of nowhere, in a street of nothing, that’s a very real thing.”
– Derek Firth, Old Boy, Barrister, Former Dilworth Trust Board Chairman