About Us

Firmiter et Fideliter (strength and steadfastness). That’s our school motto and it reflects the transformation of our boys into fine young men who leave our gates as strong, steadfast, independent learners, equipped to meet today’s challenges.

A Dilworth Scholarship has transformed the lives of generations of boys whose circumstances have meant that they needed a helping hand in life – and especially with their education. For these young men, Dilworth provides an excellent, all-round, fully funded boarding school education in a Christian environment.

Our passionate and experienced teachers foster a way of teaching that fuels the motivation to learn and achieve. We set exceptionally high standards and every year, the boys continue to meet or surpass them. Academically, Dilworth punches well above its weight every year with consistently high rates in NCEA and amazing success stories in sports, music and culture.

Yet it’s the subjects we teach that aren’t on the curriculum that define Dilworth. Respect. Resilience. Robustness. These are our ‘3R’s’ and they make a difference.

Our Mission

Dilworth’s mission is ‘to implement the vision of James and Isabella Dilworth to support, educate and train as many boys from backgrounds of hardship as possible, so that they can reach and maintain their full potential and become good and useful members of society’.

Simply put, we help young men reach their full potential to become well-rounded citizens.

Dilworth really makes a difference.

Our Values

Valuing Tradition - We have a strong respect for tradition, sense of belonging and pride in the heritage and culture of the Dilworth legacy.

Building Community - We build a strong and supportive community, which fosters brotherhood, connectedness, diversity, and respect.

Developing Resilience - We develop perseverance, independence, and emotional strength within students to cope with the ebb and flow of life.

Providing Opportunity - We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of a community that empowers students and staff to reach their full potential.

“Some of the young men who leave here are just unrecognisable from when they arrived. They’re going to be leaders one day, mark my words.”

- Donald MacLean, Principal