Dilworth Old Boys' Centennial Foundation Trust

The Dilworth Old Boys’ Centennial Foundation Trust - supporting fellow Old Boys to reach their full potential.

The Dilworth Old Boys’ Centennial Foundation Trust, was founded in 2006, in celebration of 100 years of Dilworth. It has a proud history of providing financial scholarships to Old Boys who are looking to achieve something that is beyond their current financial circumstance and fulfil their dreams and potential.

The Trust accepts applications for monetary grants to help with the payment of such things as tertiary education beyond the Leavers Support Grant allocation, special interest in sports, arts, culture, training, etc.

If you have a passion and dream and are in need of some kick-starting finance or support, or know of any Old Boy who may benefit from such a grant, contact us with inquiries on support@doba.nz.

Please note: All inquiries are treated in confidence and we do follow a process in assessing needs to determine the best outcome.

Centennial Foundation Trust Members