Mangatāwhiri Campus Curriculum

The Learning in the Outdoors (LiTO) Programme- Te Haerenga is part of an integrated curriculum that is supported by learning across the school. All Dilworth School ākonga/learners (Year 7-13) will participate in the Te Haerenga programme annually, for varying durations.

All Year Levels, with the exception of Year 10, will spend part of their school journey participating in the Learning in the Outdoors Programme in 2023. The programme is designed to immerse ākonga/learners in new learning experiences that provide physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional challenge through a range of age-appropriate local and national outdoor pursuits. Each ākonga/learner will develop outdoor competencies beneficial for physical wellbeing and future learning pathways.

In 2024, the Year 10 programme will be implemented and this will be one of the peaks in the Te Haerenga experience. Year 10s will be participating in this programme for up to four weeks. Instructors and teachers based at the Mangatāwhiri campus will facilitate the learning experiences and have the training and expertise to keep ākonga/learners safe and ensure everyone reaches their full potential. The programme will be supported by their kaiako/teachers from the Junior and Senior Campus also.

The following image depicts Te Haerenga/ The Journey that ākonga/learners will navigate while at Dilworth School.