The End of an Era

Date: 26 Nov 2023

We say farewell to Peter Vos, Head of the Junior Campus

After 31 years at Dilworth, and 14 years as Head of Dilworth’s Junior Campus (JC) Peter Vos will leave Dilworth at the end of term.

He and his wife, also a teacher, are off to seek new adventures in Rotorua in his words, “Moving to our little piece of paradise”, leaving the Auckland traffic behind, to move closer to their daughter and grandchildren. Peter won’t be out fishing in the lake anytime soon however, he is keen to put his considerable knowledge in education to good use.

‘I’m at an age where I have a good ten years of service left and I would like to see what I can contribute to education in the state sector”.

A young teacher in 1993, Peter was in his first teaching role at Remuera Intermediate when his Mum prompted him to apply for Dilworth, telling him about a significant family connection. “She told me that my Great Great Grandfather, Samuel Jackson, was Dilworth Founder, James Dilworth’s lawyer, he drew up the original will, my Mum always knew about Dilworth”.  The rest of course is a part of Dilworth’s history as the will Samuel Jackson drew up became the Foundation document for the school - a connection that has always run deep for Peter.

Peter progressed in his teaching career and became Head of the Junior Campus at the newly established Junior Campus in 2009.

In his tenure, Peter has seen a lot of change. The things that strike him as he reflects on his time in his role, are the positive move to become far more student and whānau-focused. “If young people are happy all the other stuff will take care of itself – academic, relationships, everything. We are all about helping our tamariki to flourish”.

He sees the fantastic physical environment that Dilworth offers young men – the outdoor spaces - as a real benefit to the growth of well-rounded young men. Opening the new JC Sports Centre in 2019, complete with a big swimming pool, was a highlight for Peter. Last year, a Bike Pump Track was completed and he is thrilled about that too.

 “We are blessed with a wonderful physical environment with space in abundance. I never take it for granted and I believe it is such a benefit for our young men to have this space”.

He also notes the growth of performing arts, music in particular  “These days at Dilworth it is just as cool to be in the choir as the XV”.

A music lover himself, Peter believes Dilworth’s approach to making music compulsory has so many benefits he says “Music is about teamwork, discipline, perseverance, connection and taking feedback” – great life skills. 

And his final word on Dilworth “Seeing the transformation of young boys into confident young men who take all the opportunities they are given” has been his greatest joy.

Peter Vos has been a much-loved Head of Junior Campus and we all wish him well.