Justine Scott: Head of Junior Campus - Life at Dilworth, one term in

Date: 15 May 2024

Justine Scott started as Dilworth’s Head of Junior Campus at the beginning of the year, coming from Sunnyhills Primary School in Pakuranga where she was Principal for eight years.

We caught up with Justine recently to see how she’s finding life at Dilworth and to hear about her first term.

Parents having afternoon tea with the Head of Junior Campus


How are you finding Dilworth?
I had been at my last school for a long time so it was a big shift. But the welcome I received at Dilworth was so warm, it’s a wonderful culture.  The boarding aspect of Dilworth makes it very different of course and I was struck by the staff's absolute dedication to putting students first and centre stage.

Living so close to school is also very different for me – I get to walk everywhere!

Unique aspects of Dilworth that you have observed?
Dilworth has small class sizes and as a result, it is much easier for young men to build a strong connection with their teachers. It follows that when students get to know and trust their teacher, and vice versa, they are more likely to progress academically, which is encouraging and exciting.

Students at Dilworth are fortunate to have so many opportunities put in front of them every day. Music is a big thing here and there are choirs and bands to join and every junior student learns an instrument. There are so many sports, clubs and hobbies available as well. At Junior Campus (JC) we even have a gardening club where students have been learning about sustainable gardening and getting some practical experience.

Access to technology is a given at Dilworth, the resources are fantastic and each student is given their own Chrome Book.

Anything you’re doing differently?
I really value the relationships I build with parents and whānau – I believe making good connections with parents is key to understanding, and to better assisting, our students.

So I’ve started Friday drop-ins at period 6 at JC (pictured above) and I am always there around drop-off time on a Sunday evening, I want parents to know I am available and want their input.

What’s coming up?
This term I will be focused on the curriculum and assessment. Dilworth teaches specialised subjects in Years 7 and 8 – dedicated subjects with dedicated specialist teachers.

We will also have more exciting opportunities for students in the performing arts area. Last term NZ Opera was here at school and this term, we have a visiting Yale Acapella performance. Thanks to Chris Moore who puts an incredible performing arts programme together for junior students.

We have our final Junior Campus Open Day coming up on May 19 where I will be meeting prospective students and their whānau as they look around our campus.

From next year we are offering day, as well as boarding options for students at Dilworth, so there is a lot to be excited about!