Ezrah Eagle Dilworth Sportsman of the Year

Date: 13 Oct 2023

Last night was a big occasion for sport as the Dilworth 2023 Sports Awards winners were announced including record breakers, champions, full sports colours and special awards.

In his opening address, the Head of Senior Campus, Mr Tom Murdoch commented that ‘Sport is a huge source of pride for Dilworth and everyone gathered here tonight’. He talked about the spirit of sportsmanship being integral to the school with all 500 students actively participating in sports.

But there could only be one Sportsman of the Year for 2023 and that honour went to Year 12 student Ezrah Eagle for his exceptional performance in basketball for Dilworth. Not only did Ezrah achieve at the highest level,  ultimately representing New Zealand in the Under 19 Tallblacks team, but he also embodied the core values of Dilworth throughout the year through every aspect of his sportsmanship and character, truly deserving of the title of Sportsman of the Year 2023.

Several other special awards were also presented.

The Ian Hart Award was presented by Kahn Hart in memory of his late father, Ian Hart. This award is presented to a Dilworth Old Boy who is furthering themselves in the arena of sport.  This year’s award was presented to Christian  Vui, who graduated in 2022 with rugby colours. In 2023, Christian took his rugby career to the next level playing for the Waitemata Under 21s, the very same team that Ian Hart had played for in 1975.

The Senior Satherley Award first introduced in 1962, is awarded to a Dilworth sportsman who is outstanding in terms of his sportsmanship and willingness to help others, showing a great attitude and true leadership. This award went to Dilworth footballer, Gabe King.

It was the second year for the Tai Taioreore Award, designed for all-around prowess in sports. There were five strong contenders Phillip Hutchinson, Ikahui Mahe, Nepia Moore, Nicholas Perano and Elijah Pumipi-Chapman - all of them adept in multiple sporting disciplines. This year’s award went to Ikahui Mahe, a dual-code athlete who exhibited remarkable prowess in basketball and rugby throughout the year.

Summing up a wonderful evening, Headmaster Mr Dan Reddiex congratulated all the winners and expressed his hopes for Dilworth, saying that he aspires for people to say, ‘Dilworth is a tough contender that never gives up.’

It's a compelling proposition, and it sets the stage for another remarkable year in sports at Dilworth in 2024.

Huge congratulations to all the award recipients of the 2023 Dilworth Sports Awards and to the dedicated teams that stand behind them – coaches, managers, parents, whānau - everyone working behind the scenes to support each team and athlete along their journey.