Dilworth Junior Campus Welcomes Year 7 Day Students

Date: 22 Mar 2023

For the first time in the school’s history Dilworth’s Junior Campus has opened its doors to day students, offering Year 7 newcomers the chance for a smoother transition into boarding school life.

Around one third of the Year 7 cohort have enrolled as day boys for 2023, but Headmaster Dan Reddiex anticipates that number may change throughout the year as the young men gain the confidence and familiarity they need to board.

“We’re completely committed to boarding at Dilworth, but we’re trialling composite day students and boarding in Year 7 as a way to ease the transition for our young men and their families,” says Dan. “These students are navigating a new school, new teachers and building new relationships - if you add to that the challenge of doing it all away from home, for some it can be a bit of a barrier.”

Throughout the year students will be given the chance to dip their toes in and make those all-important connections with fellow students and staff.

“Every day boy has a designated boarding house, and their own bed in that boarding house. They can stay whenever they want, they can come to school early and have breakfast, they can stay on for dinner. We’re offering absolute flexibility – we just want to make it work for them.”

Term 2 will see a designated night during the term for day students to sleep at the boarding house, extending to a couple of nights a term in Term 3. In Term 4 students will be encouraged to board for a full week.

“Our aim is to give the students plenty of opportunities to engage in boarding so they can hit Year 8 feeling completely confident about the school and the boarding experience. We’ve shifted the choice back to the parents and boys.”

And often, just knowing you’ve got the choice gives you the courage to take the plunge.

“Even before the start of the year three of our day boys decided to board, and another one joined them at the end of the first week of school. They realised they didn’t want to miss out on the fun aspects of boarding, like playing table tennis, swimming in the school pool, eating meals and watching TV with their mates.”

One Year 7 student who is starting off as a day boy is Ison Hanna, and his dad Stuart couldn’t be happier about it.


Ison Hanna, one of our Year 7 students with his dad Stuart at Dilworth Junior Campus
“Ison has always been the youngest in his class, so we felt he was quite young to go to boarding school,” explains Stuart. “Part of our decision was also for selfish reasons – we’re a split family and share the boys 50/50, so if they’re boarding we only get to see them every second weekend.”


Initial concerns that Ison may miss out on important social interaction were quickly laid to rest.

“We didn’t want Ison to feel excluded, but Dilworth is allowing that flexibility so you can tailor it to suit the boy. I can drop him off early to have breakfast and socialise with the other boys rather than just turning up for class. On Monday’s they do sports and swimming after school, so he’ll stay at school overnight each Monday as a prelude to transitioning into boarding in the near future. The great thing is there’s no pressure. It really is the best of both worlds!”