Celebrating Dilworth Dads

Date: 01 Sep 2023

This Father’s Day, in honour of the Dilworth Dads across our community, we talk to two exceptional  ‘Dilworth Dads’ to find out more about the unique relationship they have with their sons and to understand what it means to them to be a Dad. 

Rae Ah Chee, Dilworth parent

“He loves my crackling pork, it’s my signature dish”

Rae, a Dilworth parent and proud father of Ramahl, a Year 10 student, gives us his insights on being a Dad. Ramahl has been at Dilworth since Year 6 and Rae has been highly involved with the School over that time - he was previously chair of the Dilworth Family Connect Committee (DFC) for two years and remains on the Committee.

Being a supportive Dad to Ramahl clearly means the world to Rae. He talks about the importance of being prepared to discuss ‘anything and everything’ with his son, helping him gain context and a deeper understanding of the world, while also encouraging his talents.

Food also clearly plays an important nurturing role in the life of this family with Rae rattling off a list of Ramahl’s favourite things to eat: ‘fresh fish, dumplings – I made prawn and pork the other night’, oh and his signature dish, the crackling pork…

The array of opportunities that Ramahl has been given at Dilworth is acknowledged and highly prized by Rae. He sees Dilworth’s education both in and outside the classroom, as being so much broader “It is all the other add-ons that Dilworth has – the music, instruments, physical and outdoor education”.

Rae kindly shared some insight on his approach to being a Dad.


What does being a dad mean to you?

As a Dad I try to consistently do my utmost to ‘support’  Ramahl in everything he does. I try to be proactive where I do things before it's needed so he doesn't need to ask.  In other words not being reactive. This shows Ramahl my love for him.

What are some of the things you and Ramahl like to do together?

We share discussing anything and everything about life and living, the challenges that we have, the pitfalls we face, life's many challenges that we need to understand, discussing the world we live in.

I support Ramahl in everything he is involved in whether it's school activities or his contact with friends or family.

I also try to cook the healthy nutritious food he enjoys.

Have you learned any life lessons from Ramahl along the way?

Yes, the values and perspective he has on life which, as he grows, changes as he understands the realities of living in the world we live in.

What is it like being a ‘Dilworth Dad’?

From the first day, Ramahl started at Dilworth - which he embraced - we regularly discuss how fortunate he is to have been granted a Dilworth Scholarship. Dilworth is an outstanding school that stands alone with what it offers students, and no other school comes close to this.

So, being a Dilworth dad has been a real joy for me.

Because Ramahl adapted to boarding at Dilworth seamlessly I have had no issues with his adjustment to being a boarder.

What are your plans for Father’s Day?’

When Ramahl comes home for the weekend we share catching-up time. So, for me it is hearing how his week has gone, what he's done, has anything special happened or if have there been any issues.

On Father's Day, we will spend time together eating food which is something special for the day.


Gareth Hore, Dilworth Staff

Gareth is Dilworth’s Director of Boarding. Since he and his family moved from Dunedin to Auckland, for his first role at Dilworth as Head of Social Sciences, he also had pivotal boarding leadership roles: Cotter House 2020, Connolly House 2021, Wilton 2022 and now Director of Boarding – all of which have meant that he and his family live on-site.

Life in a boarding role like this one is busy and for Gareth things come up 24/7, meaning he is right there when he needs to be.  Living on-site is a way of life for Gareth, his wife Lisa, and his son Fletcher (7), who are in it together as a team. Fletcher has grown up living at Dilworth and Gareth says one of his favourite things to do is to help out, especially if it involves a trolley!

‘Fletch likes to do a job, to be busy, helping me get breakfast supplies out – anything to do with trolleys really’!

Given Gareth’s demanding role at school, it is critical for him to prioritise family time.  Having Fletcher alongside has helped him to do that and as he reflects on this Father’s Day piece, Gareth says his son has taught him to stop and appreciate the small things in life and get a perspective on what life is all about.


What does being a dad mean to you?

It means everything. It is the greatest experience there is because you get to watch his development occur daily. It is great to be a part of Fletcher growing up and I try to help along the way.

What are some of the things you and Fletcher like to do together?

We often enjoy bike rides, kicking a ball on the school fields and heading to the beach for a swim in summer.

Fletch loves helping around school, especially if it involves using a trolley. Fletch likes to do a job, to be busy - getting breakfast supplies – as I said, anything to do with trolleys! 

The Dilworth boys give him a ‘gidday Fletch’ which he loves.

What are some of the things you have learned from Fletcher?

He's taught me to appreciate the small things, get outside and do stuff, and just enjoy the simple things. Get perspective on what life is all about.

How do you balance your role at Dilworth with being a dad?

This is something I work on all the time. I try and get home for a couple of hours of family time each night and ensure one of the weekend days allows for quality time together with Fletcher.

What are your plans for Father’s Day?’

Nothing planned at this stage, I will be back from a week away with the 1st XI Tournament Team so hopefully a sleep-in and then just hanging out with Fletcher and my wife Lisa.