Brothers in arms

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Dilworth School student and talented musician, Henry Kwon

Outstanding teaching, a strong pastoral care system and unrivalled opportunities for learning and growth are all hallmarks of a Dilworth education – but for Year 11 student Henry Kwon the best part about being at Dilworth is the brotherhood.

Since starting at the school seven years ago, the boarding house environment has given Henry a safe and nurturing home away from home, and he has formed friendships and connections that will be with him for life.

“When you spend five days a week studying and living with the same people they become like your brothers – they’re people you can talk to, laugh with, and rely on,” says Henry.

The hard-working 16-year-old reckons it’s the next best thing to having actual brothers. Mind you, he’s got those too – three of Henry’s five siblings also currently attend Dilworth School.

“My mum heard about Dilworth from one of her co-workers and thought it would be good for us to grow up in a boarding school environment because of the opportunities it provides.”

She was right. Since starting at the school the Kwon brothers have thrived academically and extracurricularly. Music is a massive part of their lives, and thanks to Dilworth’s strong musical focus they’ve had myriad opportunities to pursue their passion.

“Music is a big part of life at Dilworth – every boy learns an instrument from Years 7 to 9, and you get to try out lots of instruments beforehand so you can figure out which ones you like. My older brother Shawn (Year 13) plays drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and keyboards, and my brother Jonathan (Year 8) plays guitar, drums and saxophone. One of my younger brothers Ian is in Year 7 at Dilworth and he has just started learning the clarinet.”

For Henry though, nothing beats the violin. He passed his Grade 4 exam last year with distinction (he also won first prize in music for his year level), and this year he’s looking forward to joining Dilworth’s new senior chamber orchestra.

“I love classical music so it will give me an opportunity to explore that further and also perform both in and outside of school.”

When Henry’s not playing the violin or strumming a tune on his acoustic guitar (yes he plays that too), you’ll find him honing his debating skills, enjoying a social game of football, or strengthening his knowledge in maths and science, his two favourite subjects.

“I’m excited to be starting NCEA this year and going a bit deeper into my academics, especially maths, biology and chemistry. Last year I was awarded first in my year level for maths. This year I’m going to work as hard as I can to also get first in science.”

Henry playing his favourite instrument, the violin